Smart+Connected Meeting Spaces

Smart Meeting Spaces

Enable employees to collaborate together anywhere, anytime, instantly.

Foster Collaboration

Smart+Connected Meeting Spaces simplifies the meeting room reservation and resource management process while enhancing the overall collaboration experience. By converging building systems and IT systems, Smart+Connected Meeting Spaces makes it easier to optimize energy usage, reduce carbon footprints, and create new efficiencies.


  • Improved productivity with enhanced room reservation and way-finding
  • Clearer visibility of room availability for better utilization
  • Simplified resource management (HVAC, lights, blinds, A/V) using an IP phone
  • Reduced TCO and change management by optimizing existing physical and digital assets
  • Improved reporting and business intelligence capabilities for better planning and decision making

Unique Features

  • Contextual way-finding to meeting rooms and other facility resources using digital signage
  • Ready-to-use templates for information display, green awareness, and emergency notifications
  • Internationalization of the application to serve globalized needs

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