Remote Expert Smart Solution for Government Services

Improving Citizen Services

Discover an innovative and smart way for governments to connect with citizens.

Improving Citizen Services

Help Citizens Access the Services They Need

Give citizens convenient, cost-effective, face-to-face access to government representatives and services from remote locations with Cisco Remote Expert Smart Solution for Government Services. Remote Expert Manager software, a touch screen monitor, and a document scanner, all conveniently located in the point of delivery (POD), make sharing documents and collaborating together simple.

Place a POD in a convenient location close to citizen residences and workplaces and reduce both the cost of serving the public and your carbon footprint.


  • High-quality citizen services delivered remotely yet in a face-to-face interaction
  • Virtual pool of experts in a centralized environment, maximizing the effectiveness and reach of their knowledge base
  • Fast and easy access to expert government services thus increasing citizen engagement and satisfaction
  • Cost reduction through real estate consolidation resulting from centralization of expert resources
  • Carbon footprint reduction and better traffic flow management as citizens no longer need to travel long distances to government centers


  • Facilitates sessions that are easy to initiate and maintain
  • Identifies, locates, and connects experts with citizens for specific government services
  • Provides high-quality audio and video for citizen interaction with experts, delivering an immersive and collaborative experience
  • Enables experts to conduct a complete service transaction including document sharing and printing

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