Student Teacher Collaboration

Collaboration in Schools

Discover how collaborative technology in schools can help prepare today's students for tomorrow. (PDF - 953 KB)

Collaboration in Schools

Student and Teacher Collaboration

Expand learning opportunities and engage students using collaboration technology. By making technology a key tool for education, teachers have become collaborators with their students. Instead of educators dictating what they want their students to know, teachers have become facilitators, allowing students more freedom to discover and explore. It is a simple but poignant change, shifting the focus away from the teacher and toward the student.


Forward-Thinking Education (PDF - 404 KB)Adobe PDF file

Collaboration in Schools Poster (PDF -17 MB)Adobe PDF file

Video-Enabled Teaching and Learning in Schools (PDF - 554 KB)Adobe PDF file

Case Studies

British Columbia's School District 23

New digital resources can help students work collaboratively and successfully. (PDF - 454 KB)Adobe PDF file

Fontana Unified School District

Learn how students, faculty, and staff collaborate using Cisco TelePresence. (PDF - 274 KB)Adobe PDF file


Telepresence for Schools

Two-way or multipoint interactive video facilitates collaboration.

WebEx for Schools

Use WebEx to address the collaborative needs of your entire school.

Digital Media System

Facilitate video publishing and effectively capture and disseminate your video.

Unified Communication

Putting separate voice, video, and data onto a single IP network can reduce the cost of communications.

Mobility and Wireless

Collaborative capabilities on mobile devices help keep everyone productive.

Cisco Lecture Vision

Record, store and publish lessons/lectures to enable teachers and learners to interact and collaborate.