Safety And Security

Improve Campus Safety

Integrate video surveillance, access control, and incident response. (3:42 min)

Keep Campuses Safe and Secure

Safe and secure colleges and universities help create environments where students can thrive. The Cisco holistic approach to safety and security integrates physical security devices with IT infrastructures.


Safety & Security in Higher Education (PDF- 262 KB)Adobe PDF file

Featured Case Studies

Kentucky Community and Technical College System (PDF- 197 KB)Adobe PDF file
Schools implement Cisco Notifi-ED solution to assist in crisis management.


  • Physical Security
    Protect students, faculty, and assets with video surveillance, access control, and incident response.
  • Cyberspace Action for Education (CAFÉ)
    Learn how the CAFE initiative promotes Internet security awareness in education and provides a highly effective Cisco security solution.
  • Notifi-ED
    This mass notification solution combines technologies from leading notification partners.