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Gain Visibility and Control of Cloud App Use

The cloud app market is growing rapidly, and business users are finding apps tailored to their needs. They're looking for exceptional collaboration experiences, cost-effective solutions, and business agility, all with remote access. As a result, IT professionals are losing visibility into which apps are being used and which meet the risk-tolerance standards of the enterprise. Traditional security solutions can't give them the answers.

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Extend Security Everywhere

Learn how Cisco security now extends into the cloud, network, and endpoints.

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Extend Security with the Cloud

Extend Security with the Cloud

See how Cisco solves some of the biggest security challenges of cloud adoption. (04:20 mins)

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Features and Capabilities

Confidently embrace the benefits of the cloud. Cisco offers Cloud Access Security Broker solutions to provide you visibility and control of cloud application usage and to protect you across the attack continuum: before, during, and after an attack.

We offer an array of security capabilities for cloud applications to meet varied customer needs. Our Cloud Access Security offering is available through partnerships with industry leaders such as Skyhigh Networks and Elastica. We also provide Cloud Consumption as a Service for customers that want pure Cisco solutions.

If you have already made security technology investments you can integrate with the Cisco Identity Services Engine pxGrid ecosystem to enrich Cloud Access Security. Using our ecosystem, you can gain even more granular cloud application data security and compliance controls for sensitive data.

Our ecosystem of Cloud Access Security Broker solutions promotes an open, platform-based approach to integrate existing security architectures with emerging technology vendors. The result is a choice of options to customers of all sizes and varying network complexity.

Your Cloud Access Security Broker solution should provide software-as-a-service visibility and granular control.

SaaS Visibility
Gain visibility into the hidden apps within your organization and solve shadow IT challenges more easily. Use logs from offerings such as Cisco Cloud Web Security and Cisco Web Security Appliance to run risk assessment reports that identify the risks presented by each app your employees use.

Granular Control
Implement customized policies to modify what users can do within cloud apps. Control uploading or sharing documents within cloud apps. Classify file risks, then change or block user behavior and individual files at a detailed level to address those risks.

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