Role of services in Nation Building

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Role of services in Nation Building

Rakesh Goyal,Sr. Vice President, Advanced Services Cisco India & SAARC
Technology has fundamentally changed people's lives; governments and enterprises across the world are using technology and the power of network to enhance the quality of life for citizens; achieve social, economic and environment sustainability, promote inclusive and balanced growth. The network and the information it carries is helping to weave together people, governments, services, community assets, and information.
The government of India is also investing heavily in technology for many of its key projects. The investments in defense to build the latest and most modern networks has started to show results with the Airforce network AFNET, not only providing improved communication but also enhancing the capability of the Airforce to respond to enemy intrusion. We have seen the benefits of technology on an international platform with first HD broadcast of the CWG. Other engagements in e-governance like APDRPs will soon begin to show similar benefits. Meanwhile, projects like UIDAI require the best of technologies to build networks that are reliable, scalable, secure and redundant and service providers are investing heavily to build these communication networks.
The latest and best of technologies, increased expectations and requirements coupled with enhanced traffic and bandwidth hungry applications, make today's networks extremely complex. The network is required not only to provide connectivity and carry traffic, but is evolving into a strategic global platform that needs better integration between people, information and ideas.
Today's business ecosystem is forcing a shift from using the network as a pipeline for moving information, to using it as a platform for integrating strategies, processes and goals. The challenges here include network security, readiness of technology and business success. Business leaders recognize the gaps between the business needs they are trying to meet and the technology they are trying to use to address them. However these issues cannot be addressed by technology alone; services play a vital role in the successful evolution of the network into a platform.
The role of services starts right from the beginning in terms of providing consultative planning, solution development, and deployment help to address all the needs of mission critical projects. Such services help to mitigate risk, accelerate time-to-market, increase efficiency and investment value. Combined with the right technology and architecture, they help to reduce operational costs, and enable governments to expand their capabilities and reach, to foster better relationships with the citizens.
Services that facilitate rapid problem resolution, help to ensure 24-hour business continuity and improve overall operational efficiency. Delivered through a combination of expert assistance and online tools, they help take a comprehensive approach to enhance network performance, its availability, and security. Services that transparently integrate several solutions together help to optimize IT services, get the most from technology investments and manage change.
Business heads and CIOs today are working to create trusted and resilient networks by employing the best of people, processes, tools and global best practices. Traditional expectation and ask from services for providing reactive support only is no longer applicable. The ask is clearly two fold - architect the best solution/network and include processes, tools and skills which provide proactive, customized and timely services to ensure there is no business disruption. The clear shift is towards 'Smart Services' as an engagement strategy.
As the role of technology in everyday life continues to increase, the demand for services will tend to go up. Along with innovation in delivery, future-proofing at the planning stage, would make them more relevant. While the network continues to change the way we work, live, learn and play, the utility and reach of services will help create and sustain an integrated information infrastructure that enables country transformation.


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