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Are you effectively balancing costs, budgets, and IT Renewal Cycles?

Balancing costs, budgets and IT Renewal Cycles

Financing from Cisco Capital can help you address your business critical issues, making it possible for you to focus on your key business objectives - driving productivity, maintaining profitability and improving competitiveness through innovation.

Ten Good Reasons to Consider Financing

Cisco Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, specializing in providing innovative financing for Cisco solutions worldwide. More than just a finance company, Cisco Capital is uniquely positioned to provide the most flexible and competitive financing for your acquisition of Cisco technologies. Cisco Capital delivers financing solutions designed to support your business goals and technology needs, both today and in the future.

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Competitive advantages of Financing with Cisco Capital
Cisco Capital provides innovative financing solutions that enable you to implement Cisco technology and services immediately. Some of the business advantages of working with Cisco Capital include:

  • Alternative source of funds – available and affordable funding for Cisco solutions.
  • Cash Preservation – spread costs over time, preserve credit, and avoid a large upfront cash investment.
  • One solution, predictable payments – combine Cisco hardware, software, services, and complementary third party equipment into one strategic acquisition.
  • Lower costs – benefit from competitive rates and residual values to reduce total cost of ownership and accelerate return on investment.
  • Equipment lifecycle management – help manage costs, meet business demands, and avoid obsolescence with flexible migration options and simplified equipment disposal.
  • Maximum flexibility – further investment protection with the right payment schedules, term durations, and end of lease options.
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