Smart Grid Solutions

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Solutions for Substation Communications

Learn how Cisco Connected Grid solutions help in substation automation.
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Discover the Direction Energy is Moving

Turn to Cisco for an end-to-end, IP-based, highly secure communications infrastructure for the smart grid, from generation to consumption.

Find superior network solutions for smart grid substation automation as part of the Cisco Connected Grid family of products and solutions.

Discover Cisco Smart Grid Solutions

Cisco Connected Grid Solutions Launch

Learn about the new Cisco Solutions for Substation Automation in the May 25th press release.
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Your organization must meet the demands of energy generation, distribution, storage, and consumption as efficiently as possible. Cisco Smart Grid solutions bridge multiple technologies to help you get the job done.

Transmission and Distribution Automation
Challenges such as fluctuating operating temperatures, electromagnetic interference, and electrical surges make for demanding substation environments. These rugged routers and switches can help your utility meet those challenges and deliver energy:

Better Security for the Grid

  • Network Security Products
    Use these layered defense mechanisms to detect and help mitigate threats on the smart grid.
  • Physical Security Products
    To keep your energy organization or utility highly secure, explore solutions for video surveillance, electronic access, and emergency response.
  • Professional Services
    Call on Cisco and its partners to get grid security solutions, define requirements, develop grid architecture, coordinate deployment and integration, and deliver ongoing services.

Business Energy Management
To help lower your company's energy costs and carbon footprint, choose from Cisco technologies such as EnergyWise and Network Building Mediator, and consult Professional Services.

Data Center
Sophisticated data collection and storage solutions from the Cisco Data Center portfolio can help you analyze and enhance your utility's use of the power grid.

Get comprehensive network solutions providing substation automation on the smart grid, from energy generation to consumption Cisco Connected Grid products and solutions equip your utility with a reliable, end-to-end IP-based communications infrastructure.

Cisco Connected Grid Routers and Switches

Cisco 2010 Connected Grid Router and Cisco 2520 Connected Grid Switch combine the comprehensive functionality of Cisco IOS Software with features required for smart grid deployments. These solutions deliver a next-generation, highly secure and reliable network infrastructure for automating substation operations.

Reduce cost and uncertainty of deploying multivendor, grid-based communications infrastructures for customers and ecosystem members through open standards.

Ecosystem members will:

  • Promote and adopt IP-based standards for smart grid communications infrastructure
  • Define a migration path from legacy communications to IP-based infrastructure
  • Support interoperability testing on their smart grid projects
  • Support thought leadership and joint marketing opportunities with Cisco

Smart Grid Ecosystem Members

System Integrators and Consultants
Get help with business processes, applications, and data management.

Power and Utility Integrators
Find expertise and technologies for energy infrastructure.

Service Providers
Get help with connectivity and transport.

Services and Sales Partners
Find help for value-added sales and support services for the smart grid.