Optimize Visibility Across Your Operations

Bring together people, devices, and business processes--from headquarters to the field--using the power of the network. Cisco's secure infrastructure helps you build a more collaborative, sustainable company to:

  • Improve system visibility and performance
  • Drive efficiencies
  • Enable new customer services
  • Meet changing regulations and customer needs of the 21st century





Green Energy: Not Just Windmills

Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group discusses how to make the grid "smart".
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Cisco Solutions for Utilities

Uniting and Transforming Utility Operations
CEZ Bulgaria unleashes the power of unified communications to improve profitability, productivity, and customer service

Experience the True Power of the Grid
Achieve interoperable, IP-based communications with the Cisco Partner Ecosystem and Cisco Smart Grid security and energy management.

Network Extension Across Utility Assets
Extend a secure office environment to transmission and distribution and give the field access to voice, video, data, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Cisco products and solutions for the utility industry include:

Balance protection and power to deliver highly secure collaboration. Cisco's multilayered industrial security solution closely aligns people, procedures, and technology with business goals to help troubleshooting due to security breaches.