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They are thoroughly trained to enhance your success.

About Our Resellers


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Our Cisco Certified resellers combine their deep industry knowledge and Cisco's 25 years of networking experience and tools to optimize your network infrastructure.


Our resellers must pass a thorough training program to become a Cisco Specialized Partner.


Cisco Services and its resellers work collaboratively to deliver exceptional innovation, leadership, and expertise.


Cisco Certified resellers are invested in your success, using our smart services to help you plan, build, and manage your network.

Cisco Partnerships at Work

  1. Asset Management Is Streamlined With Cisco Partner Lasalle Solutions

    An insurance company can now be proactive with a clear, accurate picture of all network assets and contracts, both from Cisco and other vendors.

  2. Remote Workers Stay Connected with Cisco Partner Tecnida

    An electrical provider cuts costs and enhances customer service with network support provided by Technida and Cisco.

  3. Proactive, Cost-Effective Care from Cisco Partner Alliant Technologies

    A healthcare consulting firm reduced costs, avoids network problems, and keeps communications flowing with proactive maintenance..