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A global service provider, Orange Business Services is present in 166 countries and territories and serves customers in 220. Orange Business Services has partnered with Cisco for over 10 years to provide world-class IP solutions' for global enterprises. Their network is the largest Cisco Powered Network (CPN) extending to 140 countries. For almost 2 years, Orange has been a Cisco Global Services Alliance partner; Orange is the only service provider in the program.

In January 2007, Orange expanded their Global Services Alliance partnership with Cisco, and will now offer Collaborative Services and Cisco-branded services to their customers worldwide. Orange offers the service "Maintenance with Cisco Services" globally.

"We are pleased to have Orange expand our Global Services Alliance partnership and display their commitment to collaborative services," said Karl Meulema, VP, Global Strategy and Operations, Cisco Services. "Collaborative services means the customer still experiences a personalized service delivery approach, while also getting assurance from the manufacturer on their solution. Cisco and Orange each focus on providing what it is best at doing, while working hand-in-hand for a best-of-class service for the customer."

Maintenance with Cisco Services

From Orange: A single point of accountability, comprehensive hardware and software technical support, on-site and remotely, a global footprint and global levels of service, and aligned service delivery processes with Cisco.

From Cisco: Worldwide, full-time escalation to Cisco Technical Assistance Center as needed, registered access to, advance hardware replacement, ongoing Cisco operating system updates, and best practices and tools.

About Orange Business Services

"We in Orange Business Services are delighted to take another step forward in our long-standing partnership with Cisco. Leveraging our capabilities as a global integrated operator, the Global Services Alliance enables us to offer an enhanced maintenance solution to customers worldwide, with Cisco technical expertise. Together, we ensure that our customers' network infrastructure operates optimally."

Pierre Louis Biaggi
Vice President,
Integration Services
Orange Business Services

"Cisco Global Services Alliances provide a highly-effective service experience for customers that includes Lifecycle Services, consistent global services delivery, collaborative services, and streamlined business processes to simplify service delivery to our customers. We are proud to have Orange Business Services as a Global Services Alliances partner; their expertise as a global service provider will prove to be highly beneficial to customers."

Wim Elfrink
Executive Vice President,
Chief Globalization Officer & Customer Advocacy

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