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Dimension Data is an award-winning, specialist IT services and solutions provider that successfully delivers complex solutions and services, in a single city or in numerous locations around the world. Cisco and Dimension Data have been working closely together for over 18 years. Dimension Data is a Cisco Gold Partner and was named Cisco's Global Enterprise Partner of the Year in 2006 and 2007.

In an exciting and progressive expansion of our partnership, Dimension Data and Cisco have entered into a Global Services Alliance that will enable consistent and effective IT support throughout the network lifecycle. By working better together, we can identify and implement strategies, operational processes and solutions to better serve our customers. This unique partnership will also enable us to deliver collaborative services across the network lifecycle.

Uptime powered by Cisco Services is the first collaborative offering. This support service has integrated people and processes to simplify and improve customers' business operations while reducing risk and costs - and saving time.

"Through Uptime powered by Cisco Services, our joint customers will quickly realize the benefits of the integration of Cisco services with Dimension Data's IT infrastructure management services and support," said Karl Meulema, VP, Global Strategy and Operations, Cisco Services. "Together, our two companies will create end-to-end network-enabled capabilities that will help customers drive business value."

Uptime powered by Cisco Services

From Dimension Data: A single point of accountability, local language support, customizable Service Level Agreements, global contract management, flexible contract terms.

From Cisco: "Powered by Cisco" means just that. Behind the scenes Cisco is working together with your partner to provide the kind of world class support you've come to expect, married with the detailed first-hand knowledge your partner has of your network. While your partner will act as a single point of contact when requesting support, in critical situations, you have the option to involve Cisco through our award winning Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) with or without the partner. Additionally you also receive registered access to for information and updates, hardware replacement, and ongoing Cisco operating system (IOS) updates.

About Uptime powered by Cisco Services

About Dimension Data

"Cisco Global Services Alliances deliver IT needs in a consistent manner that addresses global customers, while providing key elements of Cisco services. We are proud to have Dimension Data as a Global Services Alliance partner, and the effectiveness and quality service solutions we deliver together will drive customer success - today and in the future."

Wim Elfrink
Executive Vice President,
Chief Globalization Officer & Customer Advocacy

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