Partner Rules and Regulations

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Important Notice - Read First.

  1. NESS call-ups are limited to a single category and have a dollar limit of $100K including GST/HST
  2. Auto-reply must be generated within one day confirming receipt of the call-up which is considered the Call-up Acceptance (CA) Date
  3. Call-ups must be accepted 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year (7x24x365)
  4. Individual call-up price quotation must be provided for all products on call-up within 3 days of receipt of request
  5. RVD price quotations must be provided within 4 days from RVD issuance (reduced for urgent, extended for complex - which is at the discretion of the PWGSC)
  6. Recommendations may be provided at the end of the price quotation
  7. Upon receipt of NESS call-up, PWGSC will set a Committed Delivery Date (CDD). If the partner is unable to supply the customer within the given CDD, they must notify PWGSC as soon as possible and provide a revised CDD. The following are standard restrictions for all NESS call-ups unless an updated CDD is provided to PWGSC:
    • i. 30 calendar days for lots of up to 10 base or standard products
    • ii. 45 calendar days for lots of more than 10 base or standard products or complex configuration products
    • iii. Equipment not delivered within the negotiated delivery period will be subject to a discount of 5% of the value of the undelivered item
  8. Violation of the terms & conditions include:
    • i. Shipping items not on the NMSO
    • ii. Price or rate revision (without PWGSC authorization)
    • iii. Violation of reporting requirements in B.19 (automatic)
    • iv. Violation of call-up limitations
    • v. Documented history of chronic late deliveries
    • vi. Violation of other NMSO terms & conditions
  9. Client have 20 days for hardware or 40 days for software to reject order, otherwise it is considered accepted
  10. Product acceptable will be done at each destination and to the satisfaction of the identified user or authorized representative of the customer. Packing slips shall be faxed to the partner which shall be included as part of the Call-up Completion Notice (CCN) which shall contain at a minimum:
    • i. Call-up number reference;
    • ii. ITSB order number;
    • iii. Shipping date; and
    • iv. An electronic copy of the packing slip
  11. Reporting - Must be submitted to within 20 calendar days of the last day of the preceding month and must include the following:
    • i. Individual attached invoices
    • ii. Call-up number
    • iii. the Client name
    • iv. the call-up date
    • v. the equipment/services ordered with a reference to the NMSO Category
    • vi. the total call-up value
    • vii. If there is no standing offer activity for the month, an email must be sent to Cisco indicating “No Call-Up Activity received during the reporting period”
  12. Only new Cisco equipment specifically identified in the "NESS Federal Government Solutions" section of Cisco's NESS web site may be sold under this NESS. No other equipment or services may be sold under this NESS.
  13. Partners who do not adhere to the above conditions may immediately lose their Cisco Authorized NESS Partner status temporarily or permanently.

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