Cisco IT GRC Security Assessment Service

Simplify Compliance, Improve Security

Build an effective IT governance, risk management, and compliance (IT GRC) program, to help increase revenue and profit while reducing audit costs.

Cisco IT GRC Security Services directly address a significant challenge for today's IT manager—how to allow for the business need to share and collaborate while at the same time protecting information and conforming to industry standards, regulations, and best practices. These services help organizations establish processes for managing these conflicting goals through a single, comprehensive IT governance, risk management, and compliance (IT GRC) approach.

Cisco IT GRC Security Assessment Service (PDF - 3.6 MB) is an extended engagement that includes three activities:

  • Security management program analysis
  • Operational security process analysis
  • Operation and technical controls analysis

Cisco IT GRC Strategy Planning Service (PDF - 233 KB) is a five-day workshop that helps organizations develop a strategy to realize the benefits of implementing a holistic IT GRC program.

Cisco IT GRC Security Services help you:

  • Enhance enterprisewide security by taking a holistic view of enterprise security
  • Lower costs by aligning business strategies and technology resources into a single program
  • Reduce compliance exposure by gaining better visibility into all compliance requirements and controls
  • Support long-term oversight by creating a framework for ongoing governance of security and compliance programs
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