Lifecycle Services Portfolio

Increase Your Network's Value

The Cisco Lifecycle Services portfolio includes a broad range of services that can help you increase your network's business value and return on investment.

Cisco Lifecycle Services Strategy

The Cisco Lifecycle Services approach defines the activities needed to help you successfully deploy and operate Cisco technologies and optimize their performance throughout the lifecycle of your network.

Sales and Delivery Options

The Cisco Lifecycle Services Portfolio is comprised of Cisco Services, Partner Services, and Collaborative Services. The breadth of the service portfolio provides you with a range of sales and delivery options to best meet your business requirements.

Cisco Services:

Cisco Services provide you with direct access to Cisco experts with extensive networking, business and technology experience in the world's largest, most sophisticated networks. These services are sold by Cisco and partners and delivered by Cisco.

Collaborative Services:

Collaborative Services combine Cisco's networking expertise and best practices with the partner's business knowledge and personalized service to give you a consistently excellent service experience. These services are sold by partners and delivered collaboratively by Cisco and partners. For more information, contact

Partner Services:

Partner services reflect the partners' expertise and unique value-add. These services are sold and delivered by our partners. For more information, contact your Cisco partner.

Cisco Lifecycle Services Interactive Tour

Explore this flash demo to see how Cisco and its partners can help you improve business agility and gain competitive advantage at each phase of the network lifecycle.

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