Interoperability Systems Services

Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) Services

Cisco IPICS Services help make your network and security communications systems run as an integrated system across multiple operational domains.

Interoperability Systems Services

Plan, Design Implement, and Optimize Services

For customers who require more extensive support, Cisco offers a range of pre-defined interoperability services that can be adapted to a particular application and environment.

Plan, Design, Implement, Optimize, and Overview Services

With Cisco IPICS Services your organization can more fully achieve the true value of the Cisco Interoperability Systems solution by identifying your solution requirements, building flexibility into the design, and addressing critical gaps in the technical and operational aspects of the deployments of an integrated communication system. For more information, contact your Cisco Account Manager.

Operate Services

  • Cisco SMARTnet Service
    An award-winning technical support service that gives you direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of technical resources, SMARTnet delivers rapid issue resolution, flexible device-by-device coverage, and premium service options to help you maximize operational efficiency.
  • Cisco Software Application Support Services
    Cisco Software Application Services (SAS) and Software Application Services plus Upgrades (SASU) maximize the value of your application technology with around-the-clock access to technical support and software upgrades and updates.
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