Strategic IT and Architecture Services

Transform Your Data Center

Identify gaps and determine what changes are needed in your data center architecture. Take full advantage of an end-to-end architectural framework and best practices to help you build a data center that meets your needs.

Strategic IT and Architecture Services

Cisco offers a broad array of data center strategic IT and architecture services. These are designed to help you evolve your data centers to increase business responsiveness and lower costs. Services currently fall into four categories:

  • Application Services: Designed to help you understand application dependencies and communication flows so you can address issues and deliver better service to users
  • Architecture Services: Identify gaps in your current data center architecture and provide recommended changes that align with business goals in a variety of ways
  • Cloud Enablement Services: Strategize, plan and design, implement and deploy a secure, agile, and highly automated infrastructure-as-a-service cloud environment, enabling rapid time to cost-effective services and business or organizational growth
  • Efficiency and Facilities Services: Help you understand how your IT organization can create a more energy-efficient and cost-effective data center environment
  • Virtualization Services: Create and deploy an end-to-end data center virtualization strategy with easy access to a team of networking and virtualization specialists
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