Cisco Tetration Analytics


Pervasive visibility with forensics

Our new Tetration Analytics platform delivers visibility across everything in your data center in real time. It uses hardware and software sensors to give you behavior-based application insight with deep forensics. Get a highly secure and reliable zero-trust model. Dramatically simplify your operations. Migrate applications faster. Make changes intelligently.



Telemetry that’s faster than fast

Use unsupervised machine learning to process telemetry collected at line rate. Use search and exploration capabilities to search tens of billions of flow records with natural-language techniques. Get actionable insights in less than a second. 


Cisco Tetration AppInsight

Get real-time data from application components and behavior-analysis algorithms. Identify application groups and their communication patterns and service dependencies. Get an automated white-list policy recommendation for a zero-trust model.


Policy compliance and simulation

Assess the impacts of a white-list policy before applying it in the production network. Then continuously monitor the network for compliance deviations and identify them in minutes.


Massive scalability

Tetration Analytics collects telemetry from every packet in the data center. It analyzes millions of events and gets actionable insights from billions of records in seconds. It retains data over the long term without loss of granularity.


Open API with strong security

With northbound system integration, the REST API lets you query information and act on it. Security is done at the platform-access level and between platform components. Role-based access control (RBAC) keeps communications between components separate.



Tetration Analytics

Telemetry: Process up to a million events per second
Telemetry points: Collect up to 10,000 unique endpoints
Data retention: Up to a year
Power: 22.5 kW
Interfaces: Web GUI, REST API, push events

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The Cisco Nexus 92160YC-X and Nexus 9300-EX switches have a built-in hardware sensor to collect

rich telemetry from every packet at line rate across all ports.   

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IDC’s Brad Casemore on Cisco Tetration

Discover how you can simplify moving to the cloud and deploy white-list security.

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Tetration launch

Chuck Robbins launches Cisco Tetration Analytics in New York on June 15. (60:00 min)

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Join our 60-minute webinar on June 21 and learn about Tetration use cases.

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