Reimagine Retail

Discover how the power of digital can grow your business. (PDF - 260 KB)

Reimagine Retail

Reimagine Retail

The future of retail is increasingly mobile and personalized. It takes advantage of digital technologies to provide an engaging, entertaining experience for customers. Digital puts customers in control and requires retailers to meet customers where they are—on their desktops, in the store, or on mobile devices.

At Cisco, digital is in our DNA, and we understand how retail is being disrupted. Our solutions are designed to help you unlock new opportunities, create differentiation, and build a platform for experimentation,

Personalize the Shopping Experience

Personalize the Shopping Experience

Deliver the relevant content that your customers want.

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Boost Employee Productivity

Boost Employee Productivity

Onboard, train, and equip associates to deliver superior customer service.

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Reach Business Goals Faster

Reach Business Goals Faster

A consolidated, powerful, and highly secure retail platform can help.

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Retail Solutions

  • Unified Retail Platform

    Consolidate and run your critical store systems economically from a single server.

  • Analytics Solutions for Retail

    Enable gathering and assessment of data to drive the customer journey and streamline operations.

  • Flexible Fulfillment

    Locker-based delivery becomes a new retail channel with Cisco's next-generation system, providing service and promotions opportunities along with secure pickup and return

  • Customer Mobile Experiences

    Personalize the shopping journey, engaging shoppers with relevant mobile content offered in real time based on in-store location

  • Virtual Expert

    Offer superior, on-demand video collaboration with product experts and customer service as a mobile app, self-service kiosk, or immersive experience

  • Digital Interactive Experience

    A comprehensive suite of signage technology and mobile applications that help increase sales, enhance customer experience, and facilitate training

  • Cybersecurity for Retail

    Helping you stay compliant to safeguard customer data and improve overall store security.

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