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With digital transformation, students can learn more and faculty can research in new ways, in new places, with new connections to resources around the world. Cisco is leading this transformation with visionary solutions that enable students to learn without limits. We’ve worked with:

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Making Buildings Smart with Data Analytics

Making Buildings Smart with Data Analytics

See how the University of British Columbia is making their campus smarter.

Resources and Programs

Tackling the ransomware threat

Our experts advise on how schools and universities can avoid or mitigate cyber threats.

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Transforming Education

Transforming education

Learn more about Cisco's Digital Education Platform.

Learn without limits

Get details on Cisco’s key technologies for primary and secondary education and how customers use them.

Heralding a digital curriculum

Chiang Mai University uses collaboration technology to improve student outcomes.

Integrating Within Your LMS

Enable integration between collaboration software and the world'€™s leading Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Digitizing the student experience

A university builds the next-generation workforce through digital learning technologies.