Cisco HyperFlex HX220c M4 Node

HyperFlex HX220c M4 Node

Simplified storage in a small footprint

The Cisco HyperFlex HX220c Node’s hyperconverged system enables cluster scaling in a small footprint.



2 x Intel Xeon processor E5 2600 v3 or v4 CPUs

Memory and cache


  • 256 to 512 Gbps 2133 MHz DIMMs
  • 1 x 480 bps high-endurance (Intel 3610) cache SSD



6 x 1.2 TB 10,000-rpm 12 Gbps SAS disks



  • VMware 5.5 or 6.0 u1
  • Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform Release 2.0.1


Cluster scaling


  • Minimum of 3 nodes
  • Scale compute-only nodes with additional Cisco UCS B200, C220, and C240 servers

Cisco UCS Manager and VMware vCenter plug-in

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End-to-end hyperconvergence

Deploy complete hyperconvergence, including compute, storage, and networking, with a simple wizard. Eliminate error-prone network and server configuration with Cisco UCS policy-based automation.

Simplified daily operations

Simplify your daily operations with instant provisioning, snapshots, and clones from a single, intuitive user interface.

Independent resource scaling

Scale nodes, compute, or capacity independently based on your evolving business needs. Gain outstanding flexibility while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Get the most value from your data

Get the most value from your data

Learn the benefits of the HX Data Platform software that powers Cisco HyperFlex.