650-153 ESFE

Cisco Email Security Field Engineer Specialist

Exam Number 650-153 ESFE
Last day to test September 30, 2014
Associated Certifications Security
Duration 60 minutes (45-55 questions)
Available Languages English
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The 650-153 ESFE Cisco Email Security Field Engineer Specialist exam tests your knowledge of performing evaluations, installing the email security appliance with the software setup wizard, and troubleshooting the email security appliance by running AsyncOS.

The exam is closed book and no outside reference materials are allowed. The following topics are general guidelines for the content that is likely to be included on the practical exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the following guidelines may change at any time without notice.

  •   5%     1.0   Introduction

      • 1.1   Describe the problems that Cisco C-Series (Email Security
                 Appliance, ESA) Solves
      • 1.2   Describe the C-Series (ESA) hardware systems
      • 1.3   Describe customer use cases
  • 10%     2.0   Performing Evaluations

      • 2.1   Execute the evaluation process
      • 2.2   Perform an installation based on the customer Interview
      • 2.3   Describe the process of troubleshooting an installation
  • 20%     3.0   Configuring Sender and Recipient Groups

      • 3.1   Be familiar with the task of configuring listeners
      • 3.2   Know how to Configure SMTP routes
      • 3.3   Know how to Use SBRS to manage mail
      • 3.4   Be familiar with using mail debugging tools and
                 troubleshooting practices
      • 3.5   Describe the Email Pipeline
      • 3.6   Describe the function(s) of the Host Access Table
      • 3.7   Describe the function(s) of the Recipient Access Table
      • 3.8   Describe how to add a second Mail Server
  •   5%   4.0   Tracking and Reporting Messages

      • 4.1   Perform centralized Email reporting
      • 4.2   Use the system setup wizard
  • 22%     5.0   Configuring Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

      • 5.1   Describe the Email Security Manager
      • 5.2   Adjust SensorBase Reputation Scores (SBRS)
      • 5.3   Configure and use anti-spam settings (IPAS)
      • 5.4   Configure and use Marketing Message Detection
      • 5.5   Configure anti-virus settings
      • 5.6   Describe Intelligent Multi-Scan
      • 5.7   Configure virus outbreak settings
  •   8%     6.0   Configuring Content Filters

      • 6.1   Describe Content Scanning and Content Filters
      • 6.2   Detect password-protected and unprotected attachments
      • 6.3   Create weighted content matching
      • 6.4   Configure basic content filters
      • 6.5   Describe Content Filter applications
  • 12%     7.0   Preventing Data Loss

      • 7.1   Identify conditions where companies or IT Staff may be
                 held accountable for loss of data through email
      • 7.2   Describe the Data Loss Problem
      • 7.3   Describe the Cisco DLP Solution
      • 7.4   Configure DLP and Implement the solution in an outgoing
                 mail policy
      • 7.5   Track DLP policy usage
      • 7.6   Describe the RSA Engine
  • 10%     8.0   Encrypting Outgoing Mail

      • 8.1   Describe content scanning
      • 8.2   Detect password-protected and non-protected attachments
      • 8.3   Create weighted content matching
      • 8.4   Use Smart Identifiers
      • 8.5   Implement Matched Content Visibility
      • 8.6   Configure Encryption on the C-Series (ESA)
      • 8.7   Provision with the Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES)
      • 8.8   Associate a content filtering rule with an Encrypt action
      • 8.9   Describe Cisco RES Applications
      • 8.10   Configure Guaranteed Secure Delivery
  •   8%     8.0   Configuring LDAP

      • 9.1   Configure LDAP accept queries
      • 9.2   Configure and use LDAP group queries
      • 9.3   Describe LDAP, as used by the Email Security Appliance
      • 9.4   Use Query Tokens and Operators
      • 9.5   Use the Active Directory Wizard
      • 9.6   Configure Active Directory Profiles
      • 9.7   Enable an Accept Query
  • The following course is recommended training for this exam:

    • Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance (PASESA)

    Cisco Partners can access the Partner Education Connection (PEC) for access to a variety of training content to help them prepare for this exam.

    A variety of Cisco Press titles may be available for this exam. These titles can be purchased through the Cisco Marketplace Bookstore, directly from Cisco Press.

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