The CCIP certification has been retired.

The CCIP certification has been retired. Use this tool to identify the combination of exams required to migrate from your CCIP certification to the CCNP Service Provider certification. Place a check mark next to all of the exams for which you have passed and the tool will output the exams still required to complete your certification.

  • Cisco recognizes that many candidates were in pursuit of CCIP certification where CCNA (R&S) was the prerequisite. Candidates that have an active CCNA (R&S) certification, plus have passed at least one CCIP exam (QOS, BGP, MPLS, BGP+MPLS, ROUTE, or BSCI), will not be required to complete CCNA Service Provider to obtain CCNP Service Provider certification.
  • The tool identifies the specific exam numbers that are valid for migration to the CCNP Service Provider certification. Cisco is honoring specific exam numbers for CCNP Service Provider certification only, even if they are beyond their 3 year expiration date. These exams will be accepted until July 24, 2015.
  • Retirement of CCIP Certification reference page
  • See CCIP to CCNP Service Provider migration exam mapping graphic. This graphical representation shows the CCIP exams which earn credit towards CCNP Service Provider exams.

View the CCNP Service Provider syllabus for complete prerequisite information.

Exams Passed:

SPROUTE (#642-883)

SPADVROUTE (#642-885)

SPCORE (#642-887)

SPEDGE (#642-889)

BGP (#642-661) - EoL

MPLS (#642-611) - EoL

BGP+MPLS (#642-691) - EoL

QOS (#642-642)

ROUTE (#642-902)

BSCI (#642-901, Composite #642-892) – EoL

To complete professional level certification, take and pass:

Exam Map

Exam Map