Technology Training: Optical Network Systems

Raising the Bar

Cover all aspects of Cisco ONS 15454 transmission products with optical training.

Raising the Bar

Cisco Optical Network Systems 15454 transmission products are the industry benchmark for dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM), Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET), and packet transmission by Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Transport Protocol. Cisco Learning Services' optical training offers industry-leading courses that highlight applications and implementations supported by the Cisco ONS 15454 systems.

Trainings are designed for individuals who install, deploy, and maintain these systems. The DWDM courses include Cisco Transport Planner software that facilitates the design of the DWDM optical network. SONET covers fiber-based time-division multiplexing. The Carrier Packet Transport course teaches Ethernet connectivity using MPLS.


NCS 2000 FlexSpectrum Course

Learn to successfully design and deploy Cisco FlexSpectrum networks

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Optical Network Systems At-a-Glance

Courses Offered

Cisco Optical Technology Advanced (COTA)
This course introduces you to the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform and Network Convergence System 2000 Series dense wavelength-division multiplexing advanced features and data.
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Cisco Optical Technology Intermediate (COTI)
Learn how to operate the ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform network from installation to protection. Covering three shelf types (M12, M6, and M2), the course teaches you to deploy linear and ring-dense DWDM topologies.
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Cisco Prime Optical Operation and Maintenance (CPOOM)
Learn the primary components of Cisco Prime Optical, the network management system used to manage all Cisco optical devices and high-end routers. Gain an understanding of the architecture; user interface; configuration of network elements, DWDM circuits, network and circuit mapping, and VLAN management; fault and security management; user security; and general administration.

Cisco ONS Time Division Multiplexing SONET Release 9.2 (ONS-TDM)
Students learn how to operate the ONS 15454, 15310, and 15600 through classroom instruction and hands-on training. Working in small groups, students will complete a wide range of tasks covering system features and functions.
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Cisco NCS 2000 Series Deploying 96-Channel FlexSpectrum (NCS2K-FS)
Combining lectures and hands-on labs, this course introduces you to the Cisco Network Convergence System 2000 Series with Cisco FlexSpectrum. Briefly review fiber cleaning and DWDM basics, and learn to design Cisco FlexSpectrum networks using the Cisco Transport Planner tool.
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Cisco Fundamentals of Fiber Optics Technology (FFOT)
Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of fiber optics technology, fiber-cleaning techniques, optical-networking system safety, DWDM fundamentals, and fiber testing and equipment. This course also offers an introduction to the Cisco Optical Networking System 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform and the Cisco Network Convergence System 2000 Series.
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