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New Malware Security Course

Enroll today for our Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints course.

New Malware Security Course

Cisco Learning Services provides comprehensive, customer-oriented solutions for skill development. It helps speed the adoption and migration of core and advanced technologies. The primary mission of Learning Services is to help Cisco customers optimize their network investments.

Working closely with Cisco engineers, Learning Services helps to ensure all courses are aligned with engineering best practices and recommendations. Through Learning Services, you will receive training for leading-edge Cisco technologies and platforms. From hands-on, instructor-led training to training-on-demand, learning labs, workshops, and boot camp sessions, Learning Services has solutions that fit your schedule and learning preference.

What we offer:

Custom Training Consultation
Our dedicated Curriculum Planning Services team will work directly with you to identify and build a talent-development framework aligned to your business and IT strategies.

Technical Training Modules
Improve your operation maintenance and troubleshooting skills. With our Cisco Technical Education platform, you can subscribe to more than 14,000 modules of specialized information.

On-Demand, High-Definition Training Videos
Cisco Training on Demand gives you access to immersive training sessions, including interactive labs, streamed directly to your desktop or tablet. You can also fast-forward, pause, rewind, and search.

Hands-On, Instructor-Led Training Classes
Our instructor-led training features industry-leading lectures from certified experts and hands-on lab experience with Cisco equipment. Attend them remotely, or in-person.

Enterprise Software for Virtual Network Simulations
Cisco Modeling Labs, our scalable and extensible network visualization software platform, empowers you to design, simulate, and test network models in a risk-free environment.

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