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Technology Education Program for College- and Career-Ready Students

Cisco Networking Academy provides comprehensive and cost-effective coursework to teach the technology skills that are in high demand in businesses today. The curricula support a broad range of national education goals, including increased student engagement, improved 21st century career skills, and enhanced teacher expertise, and are available to educational institutions and community organizations.

Courses teach multiple levels of Networking and Information Communications Technology (ICT) knowledge and skills. Providing the technology training essential for most 21st century careers and the foundation required for a dedicated career in technology. Our program can help schools identify education paths for students from K-12 onto community college and university.

By implementing Networking Academy courses, you can:

  • choose a cost-effective, comprehensive program with proven success
  • improve student academic and career outcomes
  • fulfill demands of your business community
  • teach more than just technology
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Curricula at No Cost

Networking Academy curricula are available to nonprofit schools at no cost. There are two requirements that ensure success for instructors and students. The first is classroom lab equipment, which is offered at a substantial discount and varies depending on the course, number of students, etc. The second is instructor training, which is required prior to teaching an academy course, and provided in a cost recovery model by regional training centers.


Curricula are made available to instructors online, meaning textbooks are not required. However, companion guides, lab manuals, video mentors, certification preps and other resources are made available from CiscoPress and often developed in collaboration with our instructors. 


Free Teaching Enhancement Tools
Cisco provides a number of teaching enhancement tools for instructors at no cost, including:

  • Cisco Packet Tracer: a lab simulation tool available to instructors and students to be used with coursework
  • Interactive teaching guides
  • Online assessments
  • Grade books
  • Gaming: work scenario environment for students to manage projects and develop work and thinking skills 
  • Case studies: work scenarios for students to build skills and specialties
  • Communities of support for both instructors and students


Instructor Professional Development
For students to be successful, we need well-equipped teachers. Networking Academy provides ongoing professional development opportunities and communities of support to contribute to the success of our instructors, and ultimately, the students.


Professional development opportunities are provided to active academy instructors and include the following:

  • Webinar series: free, averaging 2-3 per month, addressing technology, curricula and program updates
  • Instructor Academy Conference: annual in-person and virtual event providing development sessions and peer networking opportunities
  • Communities of Support: innovative instructor community portals facilitating best practice sharing and interaction among peers and Cisco
  • Regional training centers also host a number of development and peer networking opportunities

Launch your students into high-demand IT jobs.
Prepare secondary and post-secondary students for high-skill, high-pay careers with innovative IT and networking courses from Cisco. Progressive levels of courses align to industry certifications, and are adaptable to high school and college degree programs. Students learn the technical and soft skills needed to be successful in today's networked world. Instructors get the support and tools they need to help create student success.
  • Licensed free to nonprofit high schools, colleges and universities
  • Hands-on labs, simulations and games
  • Real-world projects to develop relevant job skills
  • Adaptable for diverse programs and learning styles
  • Instructor customization of quizzes, activities and games
  • Ed standards alignment with STEM initiatives, Common Core Standards, and more
  • Validated online assessments and equipment discounts
  • Instructor training and ongoing professional development

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Click here for a complete list of Cisco Networking Academy courses and certifications.

Want to teach Linux? See the flyer on how you can teach the new NDG Linux Essentials course via Networking Academy.


Cisco partners with public and private organizations to help not only shape the future of education and develop students, but also to ensure our education program directly addresses national education standards and requirements.


Areas of focus and priority across the U.S. and Canada include:

  • Improve test scores
  • Better prepare students for scientific and technological careers
  • Encourage student interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career paths
  • Increase sophisticated STEM skills
  • Prepare students with career-ready skills: problem-solving, analysis, communication, intellectual curiosity
  • Increase qualified educators to support these education efforts


Networking Academy provides a course of action to address these growing requirements:

  • Largest and longest running social responsibility program at Cisco
  • World’s largest classroom, with over one million active students worldwide
  • Cisco expertise in technology
  • Innovative teaching techniques
  • Highly effective classroom and online experiences
  • Academic rigor combined with 21st century work and thinking skills
  • Use of technology positively impacts formal and informal STEM learning
  • Development and community support for instructors and students
  • Unique private and public partnerships

Aligning to U.S. Education Standards
States are adopting requirements as defined by the STEM Career Clusters, Common Core Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards.

Cisco Networking Academy Alignment to Ed Standards
Review these documents for detailed grids aligning academy courses to the education standards listed above. The first page shows how you can use this tool in your planning, to present strategies, to support interdisciplinary teaching, and when applying for related grants.

Cisco Networking Academy STEM Data Sheet
Review this document for information on how academy courses meet key STEM focus areas and stakeholder concerns.

This is What STEM Jobs Look Like
Review the new infographic from Fast Company.

  1. To become an instructor or to implement Cisco Networking Academy courses at your school, or within your city or state institutions or programs, complete the request form and a representative will contact you.
  2. Use the resources below to share information about Cisco Networking Academy:
  3. Visit the Impact in Your Area section to see how Cisco is already partnering to impact education in your state.
  4. See which high schools, community colleges and universities are offering academy courses in your area by using the Academy Locator.
Cisco Provides
  • High quality curricula and learning tools (free to nonprofits)
  • Classroom lab equipment discounts
  • State-of-the-art online assessments (quizzes, chapter/final/skills exams)
  • Learning management system (integrated grade book, teaching resources, etc.)
  • Instructor support, global community of peers, ongoing professional development
  • 24x7 online support
  • Online collaboration communities
You Provide
  • Classroom space for in-person instruction
  • Qualified instructor available for training (cost for training)
  • Funds to purchase lab equipment (discounted, varies by curriculum)
  • Computers for students to engage with online curricula and labs
  • Internet access with sufficient network connections and bandwidth

Classroom Lab Equipment

Lab equipment may be purchased from any Cisco Authorized Partner. SIGMAnet is the only partner who specializes in curricula-based bundles, parts, and services for academies in the U.S.


Find these and dozens of other success stories about students and schools at our Impact in Your Area page.


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