Cisco AutoQoS - A New Paradigm For Automating the Delivery of Network QoS
Quality of Service (QoS) has become mission-critical as organizations move to reduce cost of operation, manage expensive WAN bandwidth, or deploy applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) to the desktop. We are pleased to announce the availability of Cisco AutoQoS, a new capability in Cisco IOS® Software and Cisco Catalyst® Operating System Software that simplifies network administration, reducing OPEX and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO); this makes QoS cheaper, faster, and safer to deploy. Applications for Cisco AutoQoS include VoIP, AVVID, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), or any task requiring deployment of QoS on hundreds or even thousands of devices.

Cisco AutoQoS incorporates value-added intelligence in Cisco IOS Software and Catalyst OS Software to provision and manage large-scale QoS deployments. It delivers, in a highly consumable form, the knowledge that Cisco has acquired over years of best practice, and makes it available to organizations short on time, resources, or technically skilled staff. Cisco AutoQoS can reduce the deployment cost and time frame by as much as two-thirds, when compared to a manual approach.

The first phase of Cisco AutoQoS, which we are announcing today, focuses on the emerging challenge for customers who want IP telephony, but who lack expertise and/or staffing to plan and deploy IP QoS. Subsequent phases this year will expand Cisco AutoQoS capabilities to fine-tune Voice, Video, or Data, application auto-discovery, and auto-policy generation

A suite of selling tools is now available to help you understand this important new technology. These tools include a data sheet, white paper, and customer presentation. Also included is a high-impact video that illustrates the operation of this enhancement in an easy-to-follow series of illustrations and examples.