MPLS Management


The Cisco suite of standards-based MPLS management tools and technologies enables service providers to increase the overall reliability, availability, and serviceability of MPLS networks and services. Simplified provisioning and automated troubleshooting lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) and boost productivity. Cisco Systems offers an integrated suite for network and service management that provides an end-to-end, flexible, and intelligent solution for business agility.

The newly expanded MPLS Management portfolio of tools and technologies now includes:

  • MPLS Embedded Management
  • Cisco Info Center VPN Policy Manager 3.1
  • Cisco CNS NetFlow Collection Engine 5.0
  • Cisco CNS Performance Engine 2.1

MPLS Embedded Management
MPLS Embedded Management offers a set of architectures and value-added services to facilitate the deployment, operation, administration, and management of MPLS-based networks. This new capability targets important network-management requirements, including fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security. It includes sophisticated Cisco IOS Software features such as LSP Ping, Traceroute, Virtual Circuit Connection Verification, AutoTunnel and AutoMesh, MPLS-Aware SAA, MPLS-Aware NetFlow, and MPLS MIBs. MPLS Embedded Management is the first solution in the market that helps service providers to better manage MPLS Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs and MPLS-related services.

Cisco Info Center VPN Policy Manager 3.1
This software module bridges Cisco Info Center with Cisco IP Solution Center. It takes collected fault information and correlates it to MPLS VPNs that have been affected by events such as configuration changes or access list updates. The information is useful in managing service-level agreements (SLAs) with customers or internal business units.

Cisco CNS NetFlow Collection Engine 5.0
Cisco CNS NetFlow Collection Engine delivers fast, scalable, and economical data collection from multiple devices exporting NetFlow Collection Engine data records. This software tool provides network-management infrastructure metering for a variety of functions such as traffic accounting, usage-based billing, network capacity analysis and planning, network QoS and SLA performance monitoring, flexible report generation, and many other metering-type functions.

Cisco CNS Performance Engine 2.1
This software product simplifies the collection, aggregation, and forwarding of performance and usage data from a wide variety of Cisco element types and data sources according to policies programmed into it by higher-layer applications.