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For more than a decade, Banyan Systems has been delivering technology to connect personal computers on large,heterogeneous networks. Today, more than three million people depend on Banyan worldwide, and Banyan VINES networks number in the tens of thousands.

Banyan was the first network operating system (NOS) vendor to recognize the vital business need to connect many disparate computers and widely distributed local-area networks (LANs) into a single enterprise-wide network. Many of these VINES networks support 50 or more users. According to International Data Corporation, a market research firm in Framingham, Mass., Banyan is the leading supplier of network operating systems for the UNIX platform, today's most popular choice for Internet servers.

What began as a way to permit the direct exchange of information between client and server computers has led to a revolution in the way nearly all information systems are constructed. Dataquest market research statistics show that fully half of the Fortune 1000 are among Banyan's customers, giving Banyan the high ground in a fiercely competitive market.