Installation and Configuration Guide for the CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine, 2.0
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Table Of Contents

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administrator passwords, recovering from loss of all 4-17

ANI log, displaying B-52

audience for this document xvi

auth command B-18


displaying B-53

enabling B-18


backing up and restoring 4-3

backup procedure 4-3, B-19

backups, listing B-36

configuring backup B-20, B-54

restoring configuration B-49

restoring data from one WLSE to another 4-19

back panel features 1-5

Ethernet connectors 1-7

network cable requirements 1-8

serial port 1-6

backup command B-19

backupconfig command B-20

bezel features 1-2


CLI commands for B-43, B-55

from the maintenance image 4-16

troubleshooting A-6


cannot connect to the WLSE using, troubleshooting A-5

configuring 3-8

supported browsers 3-8



connecting during installation 2-19

considerations 2-9

Ethernet connectors 1-8

network cable requirements 1-8


erase config command B-25

reload command B-43

shutdown command, failure to run B-74

significance of xvi

CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol)

configuring B-21, B-57

neighbors, displaying B-56

cdp command B-21, accessing xxvi

CLI commands B-1

conventions B-2

use of quotes B-2

using B-2

clock command B-22

collector log, displaying B-57

command reference

command history feature B-3

command privileges B-2

command summary (table) B-4

help for B-3

maintenance image commands B-80

erase config B-80

fsck B-80

reload B-80

Privilege Level 0 commands B-11

exit B-11

ping B-11

show clock B-12

show domain-name B-13

show interfaces B-14

show process B-14

show version B-15

traceroute B-16

Privilege Level 15 commands B-18

auth B-18

backup B-19

backupconfig B-20

cdp B-21

clock B-22

dumptcp B-24

erase config B-25

firewall B-26

gethostbyname B-27

hostname B-28

import B-28

interface B-32

ip domain-name B-34

ip name-server B-35

listbackup B-36

mail B-37

mailcntrl clear B-37

mailcntrl list B-38

mailroute B-39

mkcert B-39

nslookup B-41

ntp server B-41

reload B-43

restore B-49

route B-50

services B-51

show auth-cli B-53

show auth-http B-53

show backupconfig B-54

show bootlog B-55

show cdp-neighbor B-56

show cdp-run B-57

show config B-58

show import B-63

show route B-68

show ssh-version B-70

show syslog B-70

show tech B-71

shutdown B-73

snmp-server B-74

ssh-version B-75

telnetenable B-76

username B-77

webtimeout B-79

syntax, checking B-3

typographical conventions B-4

commands, CLI B-1


Ethernet ports 4-11

HTTPS certificate 3-4

name resolution 3-6

network 3-11

setup program 3-2

verifying the configuration 3-7

console port 1-6



in command descriptions B-4

creating a safe environment 2-9


daemon manager log, displaying B-60


reinitializing B-44

date and time

displaying B-12

incorrect, troubleshooting 4-20

setting 4-9, B-22

manually 4-10

using NTP 4-10

synchronizing to a time server B-41


users B-77


checking and repairing B-80

usage, viewing B-23


configuring 3-6

name servers, specifying B-35

documentation xxiii

audience for this xvi

feedback, submitting electronically xxviii

obtaining xxvi

CD-ROM xxvii xxvi

ordering xxvii

other Cisco publications and information xxx

typographical conventions in xvi

domain name

default, defining B-34

displaying B-13

dumptcp command B-24



configuring 4-13

forwarding B-39

logs and queues B-37, B-65

server, specifying 3-5

testing and debugging B-37

erase config command B-25, B-80

erasing system configuration 4-9



labeling on WLSE 1130 1-5, 4-11, B-24

network cable requirements 1-8

connectors, type 1-7

ports, configuring 4-11

exit command B-11


firewall command 4-11, B-26

front panel features 1-3

system buttons 1-5

system indicators 1-4

fsck command B-80


gethostbyname command B-27


help xxviii xxviii

CLI, displaying B-3

TAC xxix

Escalation Center xxx

website xxix

host file

displaying B-63, B-65

importing B-28


changing system hostname B-28

translating to IP addresses B-41

hostname command B-28


connectivity, verifying 3-11


certificate for 3-4

connectivity, verifying 3-11


import command B-28


cables, connecting 2-19

configuring DNS 3-6

configuring the web browser 3-8

configuring the WLSE 3-2

verifying the configuration 3-7

installing WLSE in a rack 2-13

powering on WLSE 2-20

power source, connecting to 2-19

preparing for 2-2

creating a safe environment 2-9

LAN options, precautions for 2-11

modems, precautions for 2-11

rack-mounting, precautions for 2-10

safety 2-2

site preparation 2-7

telecommunications, precautions for 2-11

tools and equipment required 2-11

quick reference 2-12

rack mounting 2-13

verifying HTTP and HTTPS connectivity 3-11

installing a replacement WLSE 4-18

installing the new WLSE 4-18

removing the old WLSE 4-18

installing software updates 4-5, B-30, B-31, B-64

interface command B-32

IP addresses

displaying B-27

translating to hostnames B-41

IP chains, displaying B-64

ip domain-name command B-34

ip name-server command B-35


LAN options, precautions for 2-11

listbackup command B-36

logging in

procedure 4-2

troubleshooting A-2

logging out 4-2, B-11

logs, displaying 4-14

collector log B-57

daemon manager log B-60

daemons log B-59

install logs B-64

syslog B-70

Tomcat log B-72

Web access log B-61

Web error log B-62

Web SSL access log B-63


MAC address, displaying B-14

mailcntrl clear command B-37

mailcntrl list command B-38

mail command B-37

mailroute command 3-5, B-39

maintenance image

booting from 4-16

CLI commands included B-80

using 4-15

management services 4-13

mkcert command 3-4, B-39

modems, precautions for 2-11


name resolution 3-6

name servers, specifying B-35

neighbors, displaying B-56


configuring 3-11

connection failure, troubleshooting A-3

network interfaces

configuring B-32

displaying B-14

IP chains, displaying B-64

nslookup command B-41

NTP (Network Time Protocol)

configuring B-41

using to set system date and time 4-10

ntp server command B-41


overview of WLSE 1-1


packet content, command for displaying B-24


administrator, recovering from loss of all 4-17

users, setting B-77

ping command B-11

port filtering, configuring B-26

powering on the WLSE 2-20

processes, displaying B-14, B-66


quick reference to installation steps 2-12



instructions for 2-13

precautions for 2-10

rebooting, WLSE B-43

recovery CD, using 4-20

reimaging the WLSE 4-20

rescue image, using 4-21

reimaging the WLSE 4-20

reload command

maintenance image command B-80

Privilege Level 15 command B-43

replacement WLSE, installing 4-18

installing the new WLSE 4-18

removing the old WLSE 4-18



local B-45

remote B-29

defining 4-6

listing images and updates B-30, B-47


defining 4-7

deleting software from B-47

status B-48

transferring software to B-46

status, displaying B-67

rescue image, using 4-21

resetting to factory defaults 4-9

restore command B-49

restoring data from backups 4-3, B-49

roles, for users 4-3

route command B-50


adding B-50

displaying B-16, B-68


safety 2-2

electrostatic discharge 2-6

general precautions 2-5

preventing EMI 2-7

warnings and cautions 2-2

with electricity 2-5



enabling B-18

log, displaying B-68


managing 4-13, B-51

reintdb command, effect on B-44

time reset, requirement for stopping services B-22

services command B-51

setting system date and time 4-9

manually 4-10

using NTP 4-10

setup program

troubleshooting A-2

using 3-2

show auth-cli command B-53

show auth-http B-53

show backupconfig command B-54

show bootlog command B-55

show cdp-neighbor B-56

show cdp-run command B-57

show clock command B-12

show config command B-58

show domain-name command B-13

show import command B-63

show interfaces command B-14

show process command B-14

show route command B-68

show ssh-version command B-70

show syslog command B-70

show tech command B-71

show version command B-15

shutdown command B-73

shutting down 4-8

site preparation 2-7

AC power 2-9

cabling 2-9

environmental 2-7

choosing a site for installation 2-8

grounding the system 2-8


agent, configuring B-74

configuration, displaying B-69

snmp-server command B-74


maintenance image B-80

recovery CD 4-20

reimaging the WLSE 4-20


downloading 4-6

history 4-8

installing 4-7, B-31

transferring to WLSE B-46

troubleshooting A-2

version, viewing B-15


enabling B-75

type, displaying B-70

ssh-version command B-75


certificate signed request, CLI command for B-39

syntax of commands, checking B-3


displaying B-70



displaying B-58

erasing B-25

hostname, changing B-28

information, viewing 4-14

logs, displaying 4-14

shutdown B-73

storage usage, displaying B-23

system information, viewing 4-14


TAC (Technical Assistance Center) xxix

Escalation Center xxx

information for, displaying B-71

website xxix

technical specifications C-1

technical support xxviii xxviii

TAC xxix

Escalation Center xxx

website xxix

telecommunications, precautions for 2-11


connection, troubleshooting A-7

disabling B-76

enabling B-76

status, displaying B-72

telnetenable command B-76


incorrect, troubleshooting A-6

setting 4-9

manually 4-10

using NTP 4-10

tomcat log, displaying B-72

traceroute command B-16

troubleshooting A-1

cannot connect to system with Telnet or Telnet interaction is slow A-7

cannot connect to the WLSE using a browser A-5

cannot log into the system A-2

devices not discovered A-8

recovering from loss of administrator passwords 4-17

system cannot boot from the hard drive A-6

system time or date is incorrect A-6

WLSE cannot connect to the network A-3

turning on the WLSE 2-20

typographical conventions

in command descriptions B-4

in this document xvi


username command B-77


creating 4-3, B-77

deleting B-77




10BaseT, 100BaseTX, and 10/100 ports 2-4

batteries, and explosion danger 2-4

chassis, opening 2-3

chassis, working on 2-3

disposal of unit 2-4

faceplates and cover panels, removing 2-4

failure to ground equipment 2-3

ground conductor, defeating 2-3

installation area 2-8

instructions, reading 2-2

lightning activity 2-4

personnel, training and qualifications 2-3

rack-mounting equipment 2-10

safety cover 2-3

SELV circuits 2-4

shock danger 1-8

short circuits 2-3

TN power systems 2-4

wearing jewelry or watches when working on equipment 2-4

significance of 2-2

Web access log, displaying B-61

Web error log, displaying B-62

Web session timeout B-79

Web SSL log, displaying B-63

webtimeout command B-79

WLSE 1130

Ethernet connectors, labeling 1-5

indicators and buttons 1-4

installing 2-1

overview 1-2

serial port 1-6