Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.4
Using Management Over Wireless
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Using Management Over Wireless

Using Management Over Wireless

Information About Management over Wireless

The management over wireless feature allows you to monitor and configure local controllers using a wireless client. This feature is supported for all management tasks except uploads to and downloads from (transfers to and from) the controller.

Restrictions on Management over Wireless

  • Management over Wireless can be disabled only if clients are on central switching.

Enabling Management over Wireless (GUI)

    Step 1   Choose Management > Mgmt Via Wireless to open the Management Via Wireless page.
    Step 2   Select the Enable Controller Management to be accessible from Wireless Clients check box to enable management over wireless for the WLAN or unselect it to disable this feature. The default value is unselected.
    Step 3   Click Apply to commit your changes.
    Step 4   Click Save Configuration to save your changes.

    Enabling Management over Wireless (CLI)

      Step 1   Verify whether the management over wireless interface is enabled or disabled by entering this command:

      show network summary

      • If disabled: Enable management over wireless by entering this command:config network mgmt-via-wireless enable
      • Otherwise, use a wireless client to associate with an access point connected to the controller that you want to manage.
      Step 2   Log into the CLI to verify that you can manage the WLAN using a wireless client by entering this command: telnet controller-ip-address command