Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.4
Configuring Cisco Client Extensions
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Configuring Cisco Client Extensions

Configuring Cisco Client Extensions

Prerequisites for Configuring Cisco Client Extensions

  • The software supports CCX versions 1 through 5, which enables controllers and their access points to communicate wirelessly with third-party client devices that support CCX. CCX support is enabled automatically for every WLAN on the controller and cannot be disabled. However, you can configure Aironet information elements (IEs).

  • If Aironet IE support is enabled, the access point sends an Aironet IE 0x85 (which contains the access point name, load, number of associated clients, and so on) in the beacon and probe responses of this WLAN, and the controller sends Aironet IEs 0x85 and 0x95 (which contains the management IP address of the controller and the IP address of the access point) in the reassociation response if it receives Aironet IE 0x85 in the reassociation request.

Restrictions for Configuring Cisco Client Extensions

Information About Cisco Client Extensions

The Cisco Client Extensions (CCX) software is licensed to manufacturers and vendors of third-party client devices. The CCX code resident on these clients enables them to communicate wirelessly with Cisco access points and to support Cisco features that other client devices do not, including those features that are related to increased security, enhanced performance, fast roaming, and power management.

Configuring CCX Aironet IEs (GUI)

    Step 1   Choose WLANs to open the WLANs page.
    Step 2   Click the ID number of the desired WLAN to open the WLANs > Edit page.
    Step 3   Choose the Advanced tab to open the WLANs > Edit (Advanced tab) page.
    Step 4   Select the Aironet IE check box if you want to enable support for Aironet IEs for this WLAN. Otherwise, unselect this check box. The default value is enabled (or selected).
    Step 5   Click Apply to commit your changes.
    Step 6   Click Save Configuration to save your changes.

    Viewing a Client’s CCX Version (GUI)

    A client device sends its CCX version in association request packets to the access point. The controller then stores the client’s CCX version in its database and uses it to limit the features for this client. For example, if a client supports CCX version 2, the controller does not allow the client to use CCX version 4 features.

      Step 1   Choose Monitor > Clients to open the Clients page.
      Step 2   Click the MAC address of the desired client device to open the Clients > Detail page.

      The CCX Version text box shows the CCX version supported by this client device. Not Supported appears if the client does not support CCX.

      Step 3   Click Back to return to the previous screen.
      Step 4   Repeat this procedure to view the CCX version supported by any other client devices.

      Configuring CCX Aironet IEs (CLI)

      Use this command to configure CCX Aironet IEs:

      config wlan ccx aironet-ie {enable | disable} wlan_id

      The default value is enabled.

      Viewing a Client’s CCX Version (CLI)

      See the CCX version supported by a particular client device using the controller CLI by entering this command:

      show client detail client_mac