Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.4
Configuring 802.3 Bridging
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Configuring 802.3 Bridging

Configuring 802.3 Bridging

Configuring 802.3 Bridging

Information About Configuring 802.3 Bridging

The controller supports 802.3 frames and the applications that use them, such as those typically used for cash registers and cash register servers. However, to make these applications work with the controller, the 802.3 frames must be bridged on the controller.

You can also configure 802.3 bridging using the Cisco Prime Network Control System. See the Cisco Prime Network Control System Configuration Guide for instructions.

Restrictions on 802.3 Bridging

  • Support for raw 802.3 frames allows the controller to bridge non-IP frames for applications not running over IP.

    The raw 802.3 frame contains destination MAC address, source MAC address, total packet length, and payload.

  • By default, Cisco 5500 Series Controllers bridge all non-IPv4 packets (such as AppleTalk, IPv6, and so on). You can also use ACLs to block the bridging of these protocols.

Configuring 802.3 Bridging

Configuring 802.3 Bridging (GUI)

    Step 1   Choose Controller > General to open the General page.
    Step 2   From the 802.3 Bridging drop-down list, choose Enabled to enable 802.3 bridging on your controller or Disabled to disable this feature. The default value is Disabled.
    Step 3   Click Apply to commit your changes.
    Step 4   Click Save Configuration to save your changes.

    Configuring 802.3 Bridging (CLI)

      Step 1   See the current status of 802.3 bridging for all WLANs by entering this command:

      show network

      Step 2   Enable or disable 802.3 bridging globally on all WLANs by entering this command:

      config network 802.3-bridging {enable | disable}

      The default value is disabled.

      Step 3   Save your changes by entering this command:

      save config

      Enabling 802.3X Flow Control

      802.3X Flow Control is disabled by default. To enable it, enter the config switchconfig flowcontrol enable command.