Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.4
Configuring Foreign Mappings
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Configuring Foreign Mappings

Configuring Foreign Mappings

Information About Foreign Mappings

Auto-Anchor mobility, also known as Foreign Mapping, allows you to configure users that are on different foreign controllers from different physical location to obtain IP addresses from a subnet or group of subnets based on their physical location.

Configuring Foreign Controller MAC Mapping (GUI)

    Step 1   Choose the WLANs tab.

    The WLANs page appears listing the available WLANs.

    Step 2   Click the Blue drop down arrow for the desired WLAN and choose Foreign-Maps.

    The foreign mappings page appears. This page also lists the MAC addresses of the foreign controllers that are in the mobility group and interfaces/interface groups.

    Step 3   Choose the desired foreign controller MAC and the interface or interface group to which it must be mapped and click on Add Mapping.

    Configuring Foreign Controller MAC Mapping (CLI)

    • To add foreign controller mapping, enter this command:

      config wlan mobility foreign-map add wlan-id foreign_ctlr_mac interface/interface_grp name