Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.4
Configuring Fast SSID Changing
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Configuring Fast SSID Changing

Configuring Fast SSID Changing

Information About Configuring Fast SSID Changing

When fast SSID changing is enabled, the controller allows clients to move faster between SSIDs. When fast SSID is enabled, the client entry is not cleared and the delay is not enforced.

When fast SSID changing is disabled, the controller enforces a delay before clients are allowed to move to a new SSID. When fast SSID is disabled and the client sends a new association for a different SSID, the client entry in the controller connection table is cleared before the client is added to the new SSID.

Configuring Fast SSID Changing (GUI)

    Step 1   Choose Controller to open the General page.
    Step 2   From the Fast SSID Change drop-down list, choose Enabled to enable this feature or Disabled to disable it. The default value is disabled.
    Step 3   Click Apply to commit your changes.
    Step 4   Click Save Configuration to save your changes.

    Configuring Fast SSID Changing (CLI)

      Step 1   Enable or disable fast SSID changing by entering this command:

      config network fast-ssid-change {enable | disable}

      Step 2   Save your changes by entering this command: save config