Administration Guide for Cisco Virtualization Experience Client 2112/2212 ICA Firmware Release 7.1_118
HTTPS/SSL server setup
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HTTPS/SSL server setup

HTTPS/SSL server setup

Configure Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 web server MIME types

The web server must identify the files types used by Cisco. To identify the files, create two MIME types under IIS. The MIMEs need to be configured on a per site basis.

Before You Begin

You need Windows 2003 or 2008 R2 Server with IIS and SSL properly configured.

    Step 1   On a default IIS installation, launch the IIS administration console.
    Step 2   Browse to the Default Web Site, right click and select properties.
    Step 3   Choose the HTTP Headers tab and under the MIME Map section choose File Types then New Type.
    Step 4   Add the two MIME types as shown in the following table. Use β€œ.INI” and β€œ.” for the associated extension fields.
    Associated Extensions Content Type (MIME)
    .ini text/plain
    . text/plain
    Step 5   Apply the settings and close the IIS administration console.

    Configure web server directory structure

      Step 1   Installing IIS creates the default directory C:\inetpub\WWWroot. Under this folder create the following directory structure.


      Step 2   Place the WTOS firmware and .INI files in the \WNOS directory.

      Assignment of client to HTTPS server

      Use one of the following procedures to assign the WTOS zero client to the correct HTTPS server.

      Assign client to HTTPS server manually

      Use this procedure to manually enter the File Server and Path on the WTOS device.

        Step 1   Choose Desktop > System Setup > Network > File Servers/Path.
        Step 2   Enter the following information.


        Assign client to HTTPS server using DHCP option tags

        You can use DHCP option tags 161 and 162 to hand the WTOS zero client the File Server and Path information.

        Set up 161 and 162 tags as described in the DHCP options setup.

        Create initial Windows 2003 server or Windows XP SP2 with SSL Capabilities

        You can use this procedure for pilots and demos to create an initial Windows 2003 server or Windows XP SP2 with SSL capabilities. These steps assume you have not set up your web server to use SSL.
          Step 1   Download the IIS 6.0 Resource Kit.
          Step 2   Launch the Installer.
          Step 3   During the Installer execution, choose custom for install type and install only the SelfSSL component.
          Step 4   Browse to Start > Programs > IIS Resources > SelfSSL > SelfSSL . The DOS shell launches.
          Step 5   Type in the following statement, replacing the computer name (CN) with your server name.

          selfssl.exe /N:CN=SERVERNAME /K:1024 /V:7 /S:1 /P:443 /T

          If the installation is successful, the following message appears: The self-signed certificate was successfully assigned to site 1.

          Step 6   This procedure can reconfigure any existing IIS websites you may have configured, so for advanced options refer to the SelfSSL help by typing:

          Selfssl.exe -h

          After you have completed these steps, continue with the first section of this appendix .