User Guide for the Cisco Unity Phone Interface (Release 8.x with Microsoft Exchange
Enrolling as a Subscriber
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Enrolling as a Subscriber

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Enrolling as a Subscriber

Enrolling as a Subscriber

Welcome to Cisco Unity. Your first step is to enroll as a subscriber and set up your mailbox. Typically, your Cisco Unity administrator gives you an ID (usually your desk phone extension) and a temporary phone password.

To Enroll as a Subscriber

Step 1 Dial the applicable number to call Cisco Unity:

From desk phone:                                                                                                                             

From phone within organization:                                                                                                       

From phone outside organization:                                                                                                     

Step 2 If you are calling from another phone within your organization or from outside your organization, press * when Cisco Unity answers.

Step 3 Follow the prompts to set up your mailbox:

Record your name.

Record a greeting that outside callers hear when you do not answer your phone.

Change your temporary password. (Follow the security guidelines provided by your Cisco Unity administrator.)

Choose whether to be listed in the directory. (When you are listed, callers who do not know your extension can search the directory to reach you. You must have a recorded name to be listed in the directory.)

If you hang up before you have completely enrolled, none of your changes are saved.