User Guide for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 7.0
Finding a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Meeting
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Finding a Meeting in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

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Finding a Meeting in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

Finding a Meeting

Finding Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Meetings

Finding a Meeting in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

Release: 7.0
Revision Date: September 14, 2009 11:42 am

Finding a Meeting

Finding Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Meetings

Finding a Meeting

Note If you cannot find information about an older meeting, contact your system administrator to see if the record has been purged.


Step 1 Open a web browser and enter the URL of the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace server.

Step 2 Click Find Meeting.

Step 3 Sign in as either a profiled user or as a guest.

Step 4 (Optional) Enter the ID of the meeting that you are trying to find.

Step 5 Click Find Meeting.

By default, the Meeting Search page displays a list of Today's Meetings and Continuous Meetings.

Step 6 (Optional) To browse past or future meetings, click the relevant radio dial.

Step 7 (Optional) To browse beyond the default settings, modify the meeting search parameters and click Search.

Step 8 To find out more about a specific meeting, click the Meeting ID.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you cannot find your meeting in the Find Meetings results, it may be due to the following reasons:

It was set as a private meeting. In this case, contact the meeting scheduler.

It is a public meeting but was restricted to appear to invitees only.

The administrator purged the record of the meeting you are looking for.

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Finding Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Meetings

When a Cisco Unified Personal Communicator user starts a web meeting, the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system generates a meeting URL and sends it to the meeting initiator.

You must know the meeting URL to find a Cisco Unified Personal Communicator meeting. Contact the meeting initiator for this information. Such meetings are not listed on the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Find Meetings page.