Release Notes for Cisco Jabber for Mac 9.2.2
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Important notes and known issues for Cisco Jabber

The following are known issues when using these products

Identifier Component Headline
CSCuh85645 Telepresence Server Lipsync problems caused by packet loss
CSCui77595 HD USB Camera PHD doesn't work if plugged in while other camera is on

Network Disconnection when using Cisco Jabber for Mac on audio or video call

There is a known issue in the Mac OS where network interfaces will drop intermittently when DCSP is enabled.

If you encounter this issue, do the following:
  1. Select Preferences > Calls > Advanced.
  2. Uncheck Enable Differentiated Service for Calls.

Performance and Behavior Notes

Multiple Resource Login

The following issues currently apply to multiple resource login with Cisco Jabber for Mac:

  • Availability states change to "Available"on all clients when users resume from hibernate on one client.
  • Resuming from idle overrides custom availability states.
  • In on-premises deployments, signing in on one client changes custom availability states to "Available" on other clients.
  • In on-premises deployments, if you set the availability state from "On a call" to another state while on a call, the availability state does not automatically change to "On a call" for subsequent calls.
  • Users who are signed in to multiple Cisco Jabber for Mac clients can join group chats from only one client.
  • Cisco Jabber for Mac does not always reformat incoming text correctly when the sender is signed in to a client other than Cisco Jabber for Mac.