Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone Administration Guide
Managing Contacts
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Managing Contacts

Managing Contacts

This section contains information and procedures on managing contacts in Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone.

Searching Contacts

Use the following procedure to search for contacts already in your Contacts List or that are in your corporate directory. Searches are limited to the first 20 results. Refine your search if the contact you wish to find was not returned by your search.

    Step 1   Select Contacts.
    Step 2   Begin typing your search query in the Search box at the top of the screen.

    Search results are displayed on the My Contacts and Corporate Directory tabs. Contacts you have already added to your Contact List appear on the My Contacts tab. Contacts that are not a current contact appear on the Corporate Directory tab.

    Adding Contacts

    Add the contacts you interact with most often to your Contact List. The Contact List is found on the Contacts screen. Use the following procedure to add contacts.

      Step 1   Select the Contacts screen.
      Step 2   Select Add Contacts.
      Step 3   Enter the user name or email address of the new contact. Search results will populate as you type.
      Step 4   Select the contact from the list.
      Step 5   Assign the contact to a group with the Assign to Group list.
      Step 6   Select Add to Favorites if the contact will also be added to the Favorites list.
      Step 7   Select Done.

      Viewing a Profile

        Step 1   Navigate to a contact's profile from the Contacts screen or by searching for a contact.
        Step 2   Select the blue arrow beside the contact entry.
        Step 3   Profile information can also be viewed from a chat session by selecting the business card icon at the top right hand side of the chat screen.