Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone Administration Guide
Setting Your Status
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Setting Your Status

Setting Your Status

This section contains information and procedures on setting your presence status.

Setting Presence Status

Presence status is set by selecting the status list at the top of the Contacts screen. All default and custom status messages will then be displayed for selection. Users can also use choose to have (mobile) appended to the end of their status messages.

Customizing Status

The application provides three default presence statuses: Available, Busy, and Do Not Disturb. Users can create up to five custom statuses that share the same characteristics of the associated default status. Use the following procedure to customize presence status messages.

    Step 1   Select Contacts.
    Step 2   Select the Status screen by selecting the current presence status at the top of the Contacts screen.
    Step 3   Select Add Custom Status.
    Step 4   Type the custom status message.
    Step 5   Select the default status it will be associated with.
    Step 6   Select Save.

    The new status is selected by default.

    Step 7   Select Done.