Limitations and Restrictions

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Limitations and Restrictions

Limitations and Restrictions

This section contains information on the current limitations and restrictions of the application.

Known Issues

The following limitations and restrictions are known in Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone:

  • A Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry user will not receive meeting invitations sent to them by a Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone user.
  • The On a Call presence state is only shown when a user is using their iPhone to place a call. This presence is not shown when making a call using Cisco Mobile.
  • It may take up to 10 minutes for the application to reestablish a connection after experiencing a network disconnect. This is a limitation of iOS and not the application.
  • It may take up to 10 minutes for the application to update user presence if running in the background. This is a limitation of iOS and not the application.
  • If the application is placed in the background during the login process, the login process will stop.
  • The display of long names, such as Jabber IDs or German words, is truncated.
  • Changes to proxy settings do not take effect until after the user has logged out and back into the application.
  • Users may appear to be available to themselves and offline to others while the application is attempting to reconnect during poor network conditions.
  • The following limitations and restrictions apply only to users connecting through Cisco Unified Presence:
    • Messaging routing and presence behavior may vary when a user is logged into both desktop and mobile applications and chatting with third party XMPP users using clients such as Microsoft OCS, IBM Sametime, or AOL Messenger. This is because messaging routing and presence behavior is a client side implementation.
    • Contact lists are displayed as the username with the fully qualified domain name instead of first name and then last name.
    • Mobile status updates will not appear if a user sets their status to Offline or Out of Office in Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and then logs into Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone. The mobile presence changes will not appear and Out of Office will remain the presence state.
  • Users connecting through Cisco WebEx Connect in an SSO organization that has set their policy to go through CAS cannot login through CAS with their username and password. The user must login through the corporate IDMS page.
  • Voiceover accessibility support in iOS5 is not available for all buttons. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • Cisco WebEx instant meetings are not available to a Cisco Unified Presence user.
  • Group chat is not available to a Cisco Unified Presence user.
  • Cisco WebEx Connect SSO login does not support HTTP Basic Authentication in the Operational Mode for SSO Authentication. The Operational Mode must be set to HTML Form Authentication to use SSO login.
  • Users must be logged into the Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPhone application to start a Cisco WebEx Instant Meeting. Credentials in the iPhone application must match the credentials used in the desktop client.
  • If a user receives a cellular phone call on a GSM network while they are engaged in a VoIP call to a corporate contact and they decline the cellular phone call, the VoIP call will resume but with no audio.
  • If the user is signed into a Cisco WebEx account and attempts to start a VoIP call with a corporate contact that is using Cisco WebEx Connect on Microsoft Windows, the call is answered but a connection is never established.

Important Considerations

Please note the following important considerations when using Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone:

  • iOS version support policy for Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone Cisco supports Cisco Jabber releases only on the latest major iOS release. Apple maintains iOS, provides free iOS updates, and actively encourages users to upgrade to new iOS releases. To help enterprise customers transition to new major iOS updates, Cisco supports the last dot release of the previous major release for three months after a new release is introduced. The latest verison of Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone only supports iOS 5.1.1 and 6.
  • Upgrading to Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone 1.0.4 Upgrade to at least iOS 5.1.1 before installing Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone 1.0.4. Follow the Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone Administrator's Guide to deploy and set up the application after doing so.