Setup for Cisco WebEx Messenger

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Setup for Cisco WebEx Messenger

Setup for Cisco WebEx Messenger

You can set up Cisco Jabber for iPad in a cloud environment by using the Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool. To learn how to use this tool, see the Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Guide at http:/​/​​webexconnect/​orgadmin/​help/​index.htm.

You can also download a PDF of the documentation.

Setting Up Cisco Jabber for iPad with Cisco WebEx Messenger

Cisco recommends that you perform the tasks in this order.


This is a list of high-level tasks that may not include every aspect of your setup. Go to the individual links for more information.

    Step 1   Specify organization information.

    Go to http:/​/​​webexconnect/​orgadmin/​help/​index.htm?toc.htm?17382.htm.

    Step 2   Create and provision users.

    Go to http:/​/​​webexconnect/​orgadmin/​help/​index.htm?toc.htm?cs_​user.htm .

    Step 3   Set up IM and availability.

    Go to http:/​/​​webexconnect/​orgadmin/​help/​index.htm?toc.htm?17169.htm.

    Step 4   Set up meetings.

    Go to http:/​/​​webexconnect/​orgadmin/​help/​index.htm?toc.htm?17386.htm.

    Preparing User Instructions

    Send an email message with the information that your users need to sign in to Cisco Jabber for iPad. The information includes the following:

    • Directions to download and install the app, named Cisco Jabber for iPad from the App Store
    • Email address for the user's account
    • Directions to input email address after the user starts the application on their iPad
    • Directions to access the FAQs, which users can view by selecting Settings icon > Help > FAQs
    • Anything else you may want to communicate with your users