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This section contains information on the caveats currently associated with Cisco Jabber for iPad.

Bug Toolkit

Known problems (bugs) are graded according to severity level. These release notes contain descriptions of the following:

  • All severity level 1 or 2 bugs
  • Significant severity level 3 bugs
  • All customer-found bugs except severity level 6 enhancement requests

You can search for problems by using the Cisco Software Bug Toolkit.

Before You Begin

To access Bug Toolkit, you need the following items:

  • Internet connection
  • Web browser
  • user ID and password
    Step 1   To access the Bug Toolkit, go to http:/​/​​Support/​BugToolKit/​
    Step 2   Log in with your user ID and password.
    Step 3   To look for information about a specific problem, enter the bug ID number in the Search for Bug ID field, then click Go.

    What to Do Next

    For information about how to search for bugs, create saved searches, and create bug groups, click Help on the Bug Toolkit page.

    Open Caveats

    The following caveats are open against Cisco Jabber for iPad.

    Identifier Severity Component Headline
    CSCtz21889 3 general Raspy, Clipped audio on Jabber IPad client.
    CSCtz29991 3 ucm-media-video Ghosting, pixilation when bandwidth constricted to 384kbps
    CSCtz30428 3 general [VCS] Pixilated and blocks on movements on C20 and Polycom
    CSCtz39226 3 general [VCS] 1 way video to call into EX90 on VCS-C
    CSCua33004 3 general [VCS]fail to sign in after sign out and change network
    CSCua75092 3 ui-ue Chat should be removed from call screen if callee has no IM capability
    CSCua97409 3 general video not shown from jabber to CTS after hold/resume from CTS device
    CSCud55311 3 ucm-media-audio Lost audio after iOS system notification rings during active call
    CSCud57702 3 general Jabber crashed during manual rediscovery in CUCM mode
    CSCud57725 3 general Webex+CUCM Stuck in sign-in screen occasionally after network transition
    CSCud57822 3 general Unable to sign in VCS through TCP if TLS is disabled on VCS server
    CSCud57847 3 general iOS6: Jabber lost audio periodically in some wireless networks
    CSCud57864 3 general Stuck at Sign in page after input the device ID
    CSCud57878 3 general Call window stucks when decline call and voicemail server is unavailable
    CSCud57967 3 general (iOS 6.0.1)Jabber crash when chat in Chinese input
    CSCua64919 4 imp-buddy Active email got dismissed after answering or declining an incoming call
    CSCuc87198 4 ucm-signaling Cannot see caller id for calls to Jabber via SIP trunk
    CSCud57654 4 general Jabber[cloud+Jabber Video] crash when delete connect account
    CSCud57811 4 general Sometime Jabber crashed when muting audio during active call
    CSCud57836 4 general iOS status bar shows "Jabber Recording" when there's no Jabber call
    CSCud57891 4 general Jabber[VCS] crash when delete/sign-out vcs account

    Closed Caveats

    The following caveats have been closed for Cisco Jabber for iPad.

    Identifier Severity Component Headline
    CSCty18109 3 meetings Cisco Jabber for Blackberry user cannot receive meeting invitation
    CSCty34015 3 impmsg Unable to properly display space in group chat name for on-premise
    CSCty41634 3 imp-buddy Unable to start a device call with users on Mac, Win, BB and Cius
    CSCty82265 3 imp-buddy Low frequency: Contact appears offline but can still send & receive IM
    CSCty97272 3 p2p-av Incoming call dialog remains after user accepts device call on computer
    CSCtz51358 3 meetings Attendee receives meeting invitation before the meeting actually started
    CSCtz76635 3 imp-buddy Unable to manually change status after changing network connection
    CSCua22421 3 general Unable to establish a device call with user on Connect 7.0.1
    CSCua75292 3 meetings Unable to start meeting if meeting site version is earlier than T27LSP12
    CSCuc02771 3 general Jabber crashed when running vtp-fuzz-tcpsic script and iPad rebooted
    CSCtx82111 4 cas Delete sso account then sign in again will needn't input log in info
    CSCuc21850 4 general Option of Audio route will not hidden automatically
    CSCuc21876 4 general Music is not paused when use Jabber iPAD to make call.
    CSCuc23647 4 general Cannot do cross launching when cisco mobile installed firstly
    CSCuc21862 6 vcs-signaling Call is dropped after a few seconds when call transfered to VCS

    Resolved Caveats

    The following caveats have been resolved in Cisco Jabber for iPad.

    Release 9.2(1)

    Identifier Severity Component Headline
    CSCuc23641 3 ucm-media-video Green bar on top when video call with Jabbe on iOS6 with HOME key left
    CSCuc30956 3 ucm-media-video No video after hold/resume call when dial into TP bridge
    CSCuc71437 3 ucm-signaling Jabber for iPad unable to login when primary server is down
    CSCuc77892 3 meetings Instant meeting create failed from Jabber iPad to Jabber win
    CSCuc78327 3 contacts User can see some favorites of previous user
    CSCuc81908 3 vcs-signaling (VCS)User should get error notification when call failed
    CSCuc82048 3 vcs-signaling (VCS) - Jabber crashed in VCS mode
    CSCuc90602 3 general Jabber Video for TelePresence never reconnect after network change
    CSCud42718 3 vcs-media-video (VCS mode)No media between Jabber and 9971 after hold/resume on 9971
    CSCud05977 3 vcs-signaling Jabber for iPad Proxy SIP Registration
    CSCud57900 3 general Jabber crash during Jabber Video for TelePresence call
    CSCud61035 3 general Jabber fails to sign in webex with highest priority configured in TXT
    CSCtz74497 4 imp-buddy User status does not change to "On a call" when placing call after login
    CSCuc59407 4 impmsg Characters are displaying instead for Smiley in Jabber for iPad
    CSCuc90116 4 im-presence The presence icon's colour is diffirent between IPAD2 and IPAD3
    CSCud00063 4 im-presence User should see "reconnecting" once Jabber show offline
    CSCud57907 4 general [L10N]Alert message of password re-entry is lack of localization
    CSCud57926 4 general The callee's picture should be in the center aligned horizontal
    CSCub53197 6 vcs-media-video Unable to start video while using SIP REFER
    CSCuc20937 6 vcs-media-video Video panel disappears when call is transferred to the 3rd VCS user
    CSCuc21792 6 general Password should be cleaned in Jabber sign in page when user name changed
    CSCuc21804 6 general Jabber should not display the exact password length on sign in page
    CSCuc59420 6 vcs-media-video Multiway video on VCS does not work on iPad Jabber
    CSCuc87216 6 impmsg User still can send IM when in offline status
    CSCuc98350 6 contacts Jabber for iPad should be able to work with a LDAP search filter

    Release 9.1(2)

    Identifier Severity Component Headline
    CSCuc22015 3 vcs-phonebook PE deployed Jabber for iPad - App closes when searching phone books
    CSCuc31079 3 general App won't reconnect using 3G network if wifi is not available
    CSCuc31134 3 im-presence Jabber could not send out IM when shift from Corp WiFi to 3G network
    CSCuc57336 3 general Bad audio/video quality when detailed log is enable
    CSCuc77660 3 impmsg Jabber crashed while send IM message
    CSCuc78180 3 general Jabber took long time to trigger reconnect
    CSCuc80534 3 general Jabber would not reconnect when stays in non-wifi place for over 3 min
    CSCuc80563 3 general Jabber cannot send but can receive im when back to foreground
    CSCuc87157 3 general Jabber with huge contact list crash when lock iPad for long time in 3G
    CSCuc77762 4 contacts When Jabber is offline user in chat tab will be regarded as new user

    Release 9.1(1)

    Identifier Severity Component Headline
    CSCub14246 1 general Jabber iPad Google Analytics feed not encrypted
    CSCub14257 1 general Jabber iPad-Google Analytics data not sufficiently disclosed, anonymized
    CSCuc15144 2 general New template for Jabber for iPad v9.1 doesn't work
    CSCub24855 2 ucm-signaling Jabber for iPad does not trigger AnyConnect On Demand
    CSCub38436 2 general Jabber Ipad: Specifying DOMAIN\username Causes Client Log In Failure
    CSCtx47090 3 vcs-media-video [UCM] Poor Video Quality from CTS to IPad in direct call
    CSCty89895 3 general Application exits when use VPN under external network for Video call
    CSCtz60103 3 ucm-media-video [cucm] Back camera changes to front camera when get an incoming call
    CSCtz85413 3 impmsg Shows missed chat indicator when in the chat with callee during a call
    CSCua06298 3 imp-buddy Unable to get directory search results for Unified Presence users(low %)
    CSCua10617 3 general UCM, Unable to place call on SIP URI contains numeric address
    CSCua11575 3 general [VCS]cannot receive call after reconnecting indicator dismiss
    CSCua30293 3 meetings Meeting invitation remains in IM after join from meeting notification
    CSCua67153 3 voicemail After deleting all voicemail, able to tap to call in empty area on right
    CSCua67438 3 contacts Able to tap in the empty area on right to make call out in Recents
    CSCub29007 3 general Documentation update needed
    CSCub38725 3 general Jabber for iPad adminguide needs to be corrected
    CSCub38885 3 ucm-signaling DOC: SIP Profile Timer Register Expires info is missing
    CSCub40460 3 doc jabber for ipad Prerequisites bullet item number 2 is misleading
    CSCub40558 3 general DOC: JabiPad - Sets Call To 384k And Seems To Ignore Prov Data in NOTIFY
    CSCub43431 3 ucm-signaling Spurious NumberOfRegisteredPhonesDropped Alerts due to issue with ccsip
    CSCub59822 3 general Jabber for iPad ring back playing over answered call
    CSCuc23599 3 ucm-media-video Jabber crashed when lost wifi connection in calling state
    CSCuc23618 3 ucm-media-video Background camera automatically changes to front one after mute/unmute
    CSCuc23627 3 ucm-media-video [CUCM] Jabber screen gets frozen after receiving 2nd video call
    CSCuc23664 3 impmsg Jabber crash when initiate a chat in profile page when WiFi closed
    CSCuc23678 3 ucm-media-video Crash when make a second call after changing camera
    CSCtz68356 4 imp-buddy [CUP/CUCM]User's image turns to compress in profile scenario
    CSCua06168 4 imp-buddy Disable 'Show contact photo' causes self avatar to disappear
    CSCub40546 4 doc This doc mentions "Draft". Why publish draft version of Release Notes?
    CSCub40753 4 doc I think information in requirement section is not related to Jabber
    CSCub56927 4 vcs-signaling Multiple "provisioned devices" show on TMS for a single Ipad
    CSCty21599 6 meetings Incorrect meeting invitation sent to the Connect client.
    CSCub08700 6 fte-login Cannot re-enter changed password