Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.6 Release Notes
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Bug Classification

Known defects, or bugs, have a severity level that indicates the priority of the defect. Development managers usually define bug severity. Severity helps the product team focus on bug fixes for future releases and prioritize fixes.

The following table describes bug severity levels:
Severity level Description
1 Catastrophic Reasonably common circumstances cause the entire system to fail, or a major subsystem to stop working, or other devices on the network to be disrupted. No workarounds exist.
2 Severe Important functions are unusable and workarounds do not exist. Other functions and the rest of the network is operating normally.
3 Moderate Failures occur in unusual circumstances, or minor features do not work at all, or other failures occur but low-impact workarounds exist.

This is the highest level for documentation bugs.

4 Minor Failures occur under very unusual circumstances, but operation essentially recovers without intervention. Users do not need to install any workarounds and performance impact is tolerable.
5 Cosmetic Defects do not cause any detrimental effect on system functionality.
6 Enhancement Requests for new functionality or feature improvements.

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To search for bugs, do the following:
  1. Go to https:/​/​​bugsearch
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  3. Enter a bug ID or specify search parameters.
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Open in This Release

Identifier Severity Headline
CSCug39861 3 Jabber stuck in CUPC Out of Office (OoO) presence state after migration
CSCuh09658 3 Presence issues with SharePoint2013 when Office 2013 is installed
CSCui99704 3 Enterprise Group Photos lost after restart/signin/out
CSCuj60595 3 Under heavy presence integration usage, crash in CUCMessenger
CSCuj80742 3 Memory leaks when using VPN and home router WAN disconnects.
CSCuj85642 4 No reconnect to Voicemail after Hibernation
CSCuj91246 3 Different im/email - Outlook local contact has no presence.
CSCul02324 3 Takes 1 minute to go offline after sign out/exit
CSCul17842 3 Initial audio attendant to Jabber windows Audio is cut off
CSCul19915 3 After network disconnect presence does not return to On a call
CSCul29528 2 Deskphone video not working on Windows 8
CSCul68243 3 J4W: Video call quality really poor on Dell Latitude 3330
CSCul86833 2 Webex user - temp presence subscription does not work occasionally
CSCum09942 3 IE 11 incompatibility with Jabber for Windows: Issue with sending IM
CSCum12467 3 New AD photos do not populate in client

Fixed in This Release

Identifier Severity Headline
CSCud61051 3 JPN: Jabber for Win: Sometimes Japanese input conversion doesn't work
CSCue87752 3 Cannot setup conf/xferl when MaxCall on line 2
CSCuf38782 3 Participants of conferece call sometimes not shown
CSCug71550 3 J4W - Outlook contact with same number as Jabber user syncs incorrectly
CSCuh06670 3 XP: Jabber Crash after attempted call after switched back from Deskphone
CSCuh09525 3 Profile information for contacts is not appearing
CSCuh12353 3 Loss of BFCP when Video is stopped during call with CTS end point
CSCuh25458 3 BFCP Intermittently fails on inbound calls from VCS endpoints
CSCuh61574 3 Signing out while disconnected does not result in a JWC++ sign out
CSCuh76415 3 Jabber QoS DSCP value is 0 and SIP traffic is not marked in Windows XP
CSCuh97460 3 In a meeting status changes to available when PC is locked
CSCui00702 2 Jabber Windows Secure Call fails when escalating from audio to video
CSCui07056 3 Jabber Crashing on Sign-in
CSCui14951 3 Jabber for Windows unexpectedly closes when on a call
CSCui18918 3 DTMF entry from jabber when Recording option enabled - results in error
CSCui26960 3 jabberLocalConfig.xml does not exist sometimes
CSCui30417 3 Jabber for Windows using UDS does not pull in updated attributes automat
CSCui32572 3 CAPF server cert rejected during CAPF enrollment operation.
CSCui48789 3 incomming call with UNKNOWN caller id treated as IM and not a call
CSCui77733 3 Jabber is playing fast busy when CSF is CTI controlled by CAD Agent
CSCui85595 3 Jabber hangs while on a call.
CSCui93878 3 Configuration file define in device.cnf.xml on CUCM is not downloaded
CSCui95341 3 J4W:Wrong error message displayed in Phone Account tab on Options Window
CSCui99112 3 Cisco Jabber Windows crash on Video Conference Call
CSCuj01186 3 Jabber can't connect to server after starting GE VPN
CSCuj01213 3 WebEx: If I end 2nd call and still have a held call,my presence is wrong
CSCuj01845 3 Jabber does not resize for certain SSO related windows
CSCuj26206 3 Auto update fails to install after download
CSCuj26308 3 Jabber Windows DTMF tones do not play
CSCuj28664 3 Active deskphone call drops if accept auto upgrade
CSCuj28687 3 Jabber Windows MSI Phone Mode Install on Fresh Machines not Working
CSCuj33420 3 Presence not updating to In a meeting for cup user (client integration)
CSCuj44569 3 A particular string in history, will cause a crash when starting an IM
CSCuj45117 3 Need paused chatstate notification in Jabber for compatibility with CUPC
CSCuj48084 3 Jabber changes IM of contacts from whom user has voicemail messages
CSCuj53346 3 Invalid characters in Russian name containing character 'p'
CSCuj65646 3 Jabber crashes when resetting phone while in desk-phone mode
CSCuj68409 3 Cannot save vmail credentials to cloud
CSCuj68717 2 crash on sign in meetings plugin
CSCuj74981 3 Crash occurred file transfer
CSCuj81430 3 jabber meeting pop-up issues
CSCuj85299 3 Outlook contact results is displayed under Directory results
CSCul11179 3 EnableVideo key is not honored when added to jabber-tftp.xml file
CSCul16066 3 Fail to connect in deskphone mode
CSCul21151 3 Doc bug: the port number used by file transfer in J4W are changed
CSCul27146 3 comEAP. Jabber is crashing when receiving a screen shoot from 9.1.0
CSCul29474 2 Delay updating Presence to available when meeting ends (OnPrem)
CSCul35225 3 J4W Documentation should include Call History restrictions within VDI
CSCul36773 3 Document need information on behavior of transferring video call
CSCul52670 3 Jabber for windows welcome screen typo
CSCul58227 3 Specific Japanese double byte character(Kanji) garbled at incoming call
CSCul73754 2 CUP User shows offline but is actually online
CSCul89425 3 Document: Installation guide need to be corrected