Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.2.4 Release Notes
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Bug Classification

Known defects, or bugs, have a severity level that indicates the priority of the defect. Development managers usually define bug severity. Severity helps the product team focus on bug fixes for future releases and prioritize fixes.

The following table describes bug severity levels:
Severity level Description
1 Catastrophic Reasonably common circumstances cause the entire system to fail, or a major subsystem to stop working, or other devices on the network to be disrupted. No workarounds exist.
2 Severe Important functions are unusable and workarounds do not exist. Other functions and the rest of the network is operating normally.
3 Moderate Failures occur in unusual circumstances, or minor features do not work at all, or other failures occur but low-impact workarounds exist.

This is the highest level for documentation bugs.

4 Minor Failures occur under very unusual circumstances, but operation essentially recovers without intervention. Users do not need to install any workarounds and performance impact is tolerable.
5 Cosmetic Defects do not cause any detrimental effect on system functionality.
6 Enhancement Requests for new functionality or feature improvements.

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Open in this Release

There are no new caveats opened in this release.

Fixed in this Release

Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCuh00451 Accessibility 3 Accessibility: Call History context menu not keyboard accessible
CSCuh00535 Accessibility 3 Accessibility: Drop-down to sort recent calls is unreachable keyboard
CSCuh38005 Click2x 3 Error occurs when client attempts to read/write click2x registry keys
CSCui04321 Communications History 3 Canceling deletion of CHS items does not work
CSCuh30409 Communications History 3 Jabber does not resolve label for received calls
CSCuh41612 Communications History 4 Different number type resolution on toast(work) and Call History(mobile)
CSCui04349 Communications History 5 Label "You don't have any CHS" is not displayed
CSCuh75021 Contacts 1 Crash signing in on CUP
CSCuh76527 Contacts 3 UDS search returns 1st name of early hits if later hit 1st name is empty
CSCug78014 Contacts 3 Jabber resolves wrong calling information on call w/less than10digits
CSCug40695 Documentation 4 Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.2.x Server Setup Guide - requires update
CSCug62319 Documentation 4 Jabber for Windows 9.2.x Server Setup Guide-IM & Presence 9.1
CSCug66554 Hub 4 J4W 9.2 Call History Not Displaying Calls
CSCuh35125 Hub 4 Repair installation duplicate CiscoJabber Firewall Exceptions on Win7
CSCug77095 Hub 5 Fix for auto sizing of login window size for SSO deployments
CSCuh86128 Instant Messaging and Presence 2 Jabberwerx - Crash on resume from standby
CSCuh86160 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Jabberwerx - screen capture to a VPN connected person crash jabber
CSCuh30597 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Jabber windows 9.2.1 Crashes When taking Screenshots
CSCui19623 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Pasted text causes Jabber to hang and eventually crash
CSCug06086 Instant Messaging and Presence 4 Presence not updated when computer is locked(custom away status deleted)
CSCug83610 Instant Messaging and Presence 6 Jabber: No notification about the IM archiving when enabled
CSCuh46180 Localization 3 Spelling mistake in German localisation (MeetingsPlugin)
CSCuh64054 Localization 3 Outlook integration shows the initiator for a meeting as a "Host".
CSCuh64060 Localization 3 LOC: Docking Window is translated incorrectly.
CSCuh64096 Localization 4 LOC: Inconsistent translation on Transfer: In search field.
CSCuh64100 Localization 4 The calendar / conference Tab name needs to be changed to "Termine".
CSCuh64106 Localization 4 Answer button for calls should be "Annehmen" instead of "Antworten"
CSCuc81878 Localization 4 Bad French Letter Translation in Jabber Win 9.1 calendar
CSCuc85728 Localization 4 DEU: Jabber: Localization problem - missing umlaut
CSCuh89032 Localization 4 ARA+HEB: RTL phone number list on wrong side of contact list
CSCue21013 Localization 4 Jabber: Truncations in docked window
CSCue21079 Localization 4 Jabber: Button overlap
CSCue22894 Localization 4 ARA+HEB: Jabber: Wrong RTL mirroring on Login page
CSCue48173 Localization 4 Jabber: Missing ProductName in Windows installer
CSCue48199 Localization 4 Jabber: Wrong string appears in menu dropdown Communicate
CSCue73486 Localization 4 German mis-translation of "In a Meeting"
CSCug56398 Telephony 3 hold/resume on Jabber Deskphone video call became an audio call
CSCuh11461 Telephony 3 Jabber Crashes in phone mode when phone service synced
CSCui09331 Telephony 3 Cannot close initial managed conference window.
CSCud98379 Telephony 4 Jabber 9.1.1 not showing call toast when line is part of Line Group
CSCuh81139 Telephony 6 Admin Flag to disable the TEL: URI protocol handler
CSCui30222 Telephony 6 Enable Accessories Manager by default
CSCuh84194 Voicemail 3 Voicemail polling causes high CPU usage on Unity Connection
CSCuh35332 Voicemail 3 Incorrect presence is shown in Voicemail tab
CSCuh64094 Voicemail 3 non-responsive when trying to access voicemail
CSCuh97049 Voicemail 3 Crash in VoicemailService
CSCue13162 Voicemail 4 Jabber for Windows doesn't delete locally cached voicemails

Fixed in Previous Releases


Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCug71071 Contacts 3 Phone Mode: no search results when connected to UDS directory source
CSCuh36031 Contacts 3 Contacts sorted by presence unsorts itself after contact change status.
CSCuh12278 Contacts 3 PRT launched immediately on start-up
CSCuh44136 Docs 4 Update required for example port ranges in SIP profile
CSCuh62314 Docs 4 Need to list port 5070 for BFCP in ports and protocols section
CSCug56093 ECC 3 Jabber for Win doesn't regain CTI control automatically with CUCM 9.x
CSCuh75359 Hub 3 Client does not save Call Manager credentials for WebEx SSO users
CSCuh90876 Hub 3 Client terminates unexpectedly after checking for updates
CSCuh41663 Hub 6 Client shows video string instead of other string
CSCuh43880 Hub 6 Change to client launch mode in shell
CSCuh75029 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Unable to change presence from available (WebEx Social Issue)
CSCuh75049 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Forced logout when resume from hibernate/undock
CSCuh75061 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 No lock icons when signed on over port 443
CSCuh77948 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Jabber windows - Crash on resume from standby (Jabberwerx)
CSCuh77989 Instant Messaging and Presence 6 Use port 443 as default for XMPP traffic to the WebEx Messenger service
CSCui15246 Meetings 3 Desktop share is not working
CSCug69140 Telephony 3 Users can't log in after re-entering presence server address
CSCuh03243 Telephony 3 Cannot BFCP share with SIP URI endpoint when chat window open
CSCuh15087 Telephony 3 No Phone Control on reconnecting via VPN
CSCuh17280 Telephony 3 Two calls on hold, close second call on X, client behaves unexpectedly
CSCuh30050 Telephony 3 Populating jid for contact when receive SIP Uri incoming call
CSCuh61336 Telephony 3 Jabber for Windows crashes when ending a call on hold
CSCuh72529 Telephony 3 Jabber cannot log into CUCM even though the credientials are saved.
CSCuh44331 Voicemail 3 Jabber for Windows unable to play voicemails after sign out
CSCuh17241 Voicemail 3 Jabber for Windows 9.2 unexpectedly closes on login


Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCuc76762 Click2x 3 Intermittently Jabber uses 10% of CPU when idle & outlook running
CSCug43138 Click2x 3 Office configuration is corrupt error message displays on login
CSCug85496 Click2x 3 Intermittent presence status w/ Outlook Jabber plugin
CSCug45980 Click2x 6 Jabber integration with Office 2013 (64 bit version) not working
CSCug37235 Click2x 6 Allow SharePoint integration with Office 2010 without Outlook
CSCug22087 Contacts 3 Jabber fails to resolve contact using email address
CSCug63675 Contacts 3 Jabber search in 1st minute after startup displays nothing until changed
CSCug22098 Contacts 4 Jabber contact resolution using display name is broken
CSCuc98417 Contacts 6 Jabber for Windows does not use the proxy settings to download pictures
CSCug22108 Contacts 6 Resolution should use URI when contact domain is different to usr domain
CSCud39964 Docs 6 Clarify Description of QoS for Windows XP
CSCug94806 Docs 6 Provide example icons that will be displayed and what each indicates
CSCug22348 Hub 3 Cisco Jabber for Windows may crash with modal dialog
CSCuh15080 Hub 3 Jabber loses contact resolution in contact history for PBX/PSTN number
CSCug53931 Hub 6 Brighter/stronger colours for presence pills
CSCug66510 Hub 6 Outlook integration breaks after cloud upgrade of Connect to Jabber
CSCuh06523 Hub 6 Replace presence icons with updated UE supplied assets.
CSCuh21791 Hub 6 Additional APIs to allow sRTP in VXME
CSCuh21795 Hub 6 Self view is visible to VXI users on video calls
CSCue81379 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Two groupchat windows open on receiving adhoc groupchat from CUPC
CSCug92390 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Intermittent: WebEx SSO login fails when client auto launches on boot
CSCuf90189 Instant Messaging and Presence 4 "Account expired" message instead of password expired
CSCug73673 Instant Messaging and Presence 6 Jabber for Windows not complying with ad hoc subscription setting in CUP
CSCug49052 Medianet 3 MedianetnotRunning displays in connection status
CSCuf83812 Meetings 2 CWMS: launching WebEx fails if user name contains specific characters
CSCuf93429 Meetings 3 Cisco Jabber for Windows display name issues with WebEx meetings
CSCue94031 Meetings 3 Strings in Meeting plugin show up in English on six languages
CSCug69106 Meetings 3 Meetings Reminder Check Box Becomes Unchecked
CSCud00600 Meetings 3 Jabber for Windows is missing the Integrations tab
CSCue78636 Meetings 3 Intermittently enter/delete/backspace keys stop working in chat messages
CSCue86960 Meetings 3 A meetings DLL causes the client to behave unexpectedly
CSCuf47089 Meetings 3 Some localized strings in Meetings plugin display as English
CSCuh41676 Options 3 Constantly spinning circle in options tab for unreachable srv on cloud
CSCug48056 Options 6 Security enhancement for screen sharing functionality
CSCuh06620 Options 6 Secondary TFTP Config File for IM Only Mode
CSCuh21727 Options 6 Client now saves phone service and voicemail credentials in WebEx cloud
CSCue04072 Options 6 Windows 8 Support
CSCub12965 Telephony 2 No phone control - Network Monitor - Cannot get local IP Address
CSCuh16907 Telephony 2 Intermittently, the client behaves unexpectedly during Call Transfer
CSCug97939 Telephony 2 Jabber telephony features become unresponsive
CSCug58853 Telephony 2 Client exits abruptly if remote destination number contains % character
CSCuh03573 Telephony 3 Backspace to delete DTMF not working in dialpad
CSCug69199 Telephony 3 No contact photos when initiating a conference
CSCug59448 Telephony 3 CAST video interoperability with Zydeco
CSCue43945 Telephony 3 The client abruptly stops running when getting version information
CSCug66854 Telephony 5 Secure Badge appears when user creates an ad-hoc conference
CSCuh06603 Telephony 6 TFTP Policy Key to Disable BFCP


Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCuf11395 Contacts 3 Contacts service causes client to terminate unexpectedly on startup
CSCud89526 Contacts 6 Jabber for Windows Directory Lookup of Outlook Contacts
CSCud05630 Contacts 6 Jabber doesn't recognize number format starting with (xxx)
CSCug26826 Contacts 6 ServerType in the installer is Case Sensitive
CSCug58059 Docs 4 CSCug45281 not included in the fixed caveats of 9.2.0 release notes
CSCud38505 Hub 6 Log file location should be configurable
CSCug34779 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 SSO users can't login to Jabber without DNS SRV record.
CSCug51286 Instant Messaging and Presence 4 System tray presence showing as Available before hub logged in.
CSCug21800 Options 3 Configuration settings from TFTP are not applied
CSCuc78585 Options 3 No status request received after adding a user to Jabber contact list
CSCug12118 Options 4 Jabber is not mapping all values returned from WebEx to config keys
CSCug29111 Options 4 I lost my network and receive spining cirlce in options VM accaount
CSCug51731 Telephony 2 DTMF digits are printed in logs on video calls
CSCub12965 Telephony 2 No phone control - Network Monitor - Cannot get local IP Address
CSCue81499 Telephony 3 Client doesn't play video for internal camera on 2 HP laptops
CSCuf82780 Telephony 3 Duplicate SP entries in deviceSelection after sign in as different user
CSCug10615 Telephony 3 Jabber: the type of incoming call number show up in English
CSCug18245 Telephony 3 In unusual circumstances, chat window shown instead of remote video
CSCug28820 Telephony 3 CallTypeEnum::Missed if the call is answered by shared line device
CSCue57082 Telephony 4 Two active calls, max video screen cause conversation window split to 2
CSCud98014 Telephony 6 Jabber Windows show a missed call when answered at desk phone
CSCug29499 Telephony 6 Show SRTP Lock Badge on Secure Calls
CSCue23536 Telephony 6 No warning message when closing conversation window in deskphone mode


Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCuc60436 Click2x 3 Presence Outlook bubbles not displaying with Jabber for Windows
CSCuc81930 Click2x 3 Intermittent Crash with C2x installed and resumed from sleep
CSCuc42062 Click2x 4 Jabber for windows calls random number from outlook 2007 contact
CSCud29442 Contacts 2 UDS: Jabber causes 100% CPU usage on CUCM.
CSCud48323 Contacts 3 Contacts not resolving in call history
CSCud57201 Contacts 3 Jabber matches wrong call information
CSCud84893 Contacts 3 Windows XP shutdown hang if users do not log off Jabber
CSCue18594 Contacts 3 Contact not added if the email address includes an apostrophe
CSCue27524 Contacts 3 Outlook contact appears as part of the directory
CSCue48466 Contacts 3 Cannot add Outlook contacts to the Jabber contact list
CSCue65643 Contacts 3 Incorrect Picture shown for Outlook contacts where info is blank
CSCue68141 Contacts 3 Jabber 9.1 - Wrong LDAP search
CSCud50818 Contacts 4 Caller ID not returning the most recent displayname
CSCud64596 Contacts 4 Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.1(0) contact profiles with Special Characters
CSCuc76797 Contacts 4 Presence updates are not represented for contacts on the call history
CSCue04200 Contacts 4 Jabber Windows 9.1.0 Unhandled Jabber runtime exception
CSCuf81610 Contacts 4 Jabber profile doesn't display mobile number field
CSCud17144 Contacts 6 Jabber needs ability to disable Outlook contacts lookup
CSCue71028 Hub 3 Jabber crash on change of CUP servers
CSCud07617 Hub 3 Can't install a transformed msi on a non-english OS.
CSCuc93347 Hub 4 "Segoe UI" Font disappears when doing an update from 9.0.5 to 9.1
CSCud95979 Hub 4 Jabber For Windows 9.1 -Taskbar Flashing after Acknowledging
CSCua36831 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Jabber for Windows not able to send Instant Messages (CUP)
CSCtz28780 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Presence remains in an Away state if user activity occurs during network
CSCue69164 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Jabber for Windows 9.1.3 crashes with corrupt history file
CSCuf16980 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Jabber for Windows 9.1.3 crashes when closing a group chat
CSCuf85476 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Cursor not active in chat window
CSCud56500 Instant Messaging and Presence 4 Jabber for Windows Crashes when Closing Tab for Group chat
CSCua46849 Instant Messaging and Presence 6 Some URLs are not recognized as hyperlink in IM window
CSCue03918 Jabberwerx 2 Offline status when user is inactive for two hours or more
CSCud22201 Meetings 3 Should not show previous day meetings if awake computer from standby
CSCuc68555 Options 3 UserId with special chars - J4W cannot remember/retain initial config
CSCuf56629 Options 3 Intermittent deadlock on audio device, Jabber becomes unresponsive
CSCue33220 Options 4 Audio Options - Volume levels do not save on exiting client
CSCue68071 Telephony 2 Blank calling number when Remote-Party-ID domain doesn't match CUCM
CSCud96464 Telephony 2 One-way video when calling a Cisco 8945 phone
CSCue40382 Telephony 2 Client terminates unexpectedly, requires system restart
CSCue18457 Telephony 3 Call forward icon disappears when users receive voicemail messages
CSCuc78573 Telephony 3 Potential for unresponsive behavior on exit when loss of VPN occurs
CSCud07373 Telephony 3 Intermittently application terminates unexpectedly during call transfers
CSCud34756 Telephony 3 Intermittently, desktop share does not function correctly
CSCud89524 Telephony 3 Contact search during call transfer causes client to stop unexpectedly
CSCue30861 Telephony 3 Jabber for Windows not displaying Caller ID in Visual Voice Mail Tab
CSCue30881 Telephony 3 Cisco Jabber Windows-'Start my Video' present when no camera is present
CSCue70502 Telephony 3 Shared desktop resolution can be less than optimal
CSCue73446 Telephony 3 Some text strings not translated to German when deleting call history
CSCue81585 Telephony 3 Switch from wired to wireless connection causes unexpected termination
CSCue92560 Telephony 3 Client unexpectedly exits during inbound calls or when sending calls
CSCue94414 Telephony 3 WebEx SSO - No call caps after sign out then in - Uninit'ing SSL
CSCuf08711 Telephony 3 Starting PC after hibernation can cause client to exit unexpectedly
CSCuf56452 Telephony 3 Dialling video end point results in unexpected behavior
CSCug45281 Telephony 4 Need to Re-Enter RD number When switching btw RD and DeskPhone mode
CSCtz54681 Telephony 4 String "Do not show me again" is not localized to Japanese
CSCud98379 Telephony 4 Jabber 9.1.1 not showing call toast when line is part of Line Group
CSCub23920 Telephony 6 Jabber for Windows does not keep originally called number
CSCua99436 Voicemail 3 Unexpected behavior occurs after voicemail credentials entered
CSCud81867 Voicemail 3 Client exits unexpectedly after a period of approx. ten minutes
CSCue35543 Voicemail 3 Client behaves unexpectedly due to voicemail service functions
CSCud86088 Voicemail 4 Jabber shows the wrong voicemail timestamp