Accessibility Guide for Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.2.x
Accessibility Features in Cisco Jabber for Windows
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Accessibility Features in Cisco Jabber for Windows

Accessibility Features in Cisco Jabber for Windows

Review accessibility features such as keyboard shortcuts and accessible availability icons.

Grayscale Status Icons

Grayscale status icons are monochrome and use symbols to show availability.

To use grayscale status icons, select View > Show status in grayscale.

The following table shows standard and grayscale status icons:
Standard Icon Grayscale Icon Description



Do Not Disturb


Font Smoothing

Administrators who install and configure Cisco Jabber for Windows can control how font smoothing occurs.

The ForceFontSmoothing parameter specifies if the client or the operating system applies anti-aliasing to text. By default, the client applies anti-aliasing to smooth text.

If you want the operating system to apply anti-aliasing to text, set the ForceFontSmoothing parameter in the client configuration as follows:


See the Installation and Configuration Guide for more information.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Global Shortcuts

Operation Keyboard Shortcut

Access the docked window

To show the docked window:
  1. Open the main Cisco Jabber window.
  2. Select View > Show docked window.
CTRL + Shift + ?

Incoming Calls

Operation Keyboard Shortcut
Answer calls CTRL + L
Decline calls CTRL + D
Reply to calls with chat CTRL + R

Active Calls

Operation Keyboard Shortcut
End calls CTRL + K
Enter or exit full screen mode CTRL + SHIFT + F
Show or hide self-view video CTRL + SHIFT + B
Mute or unmute your audio CTRL + Down Arrow
Start or stop video CTRL + SHIFT + V
Dock or undock the call window CTRL + ALT + P
Hold or resume calls CTRL + SHIFT + H
Open or close the keypad CTRL + SHIFT + K
Tip    Enter numbers on the keypad with your keyboard.

Instant Messages

Operation Keyboard Shortcut
Bold font CTRL + B
Italic font CTRL + I
Underline CTRL + U
Copy CTRL + C
Paste CTRL + V
Cut CTRL + X
Undo CTRL + Z
Redo CTRL + Y

Keyboard Navigation

Press the Tab key and arrow keys to navigate through items on:
  • Main Cisco Jabber window
  • Chat windows
  • Contact lists
  • Options window
  • Docked window
Press Enter to select items on windows or start chats with contacts in your contact list.
To navigate through the Microsoft Windows menu on the main window, do the following;
  1. Press F10 to highlight the File menu.
  2. Press ALT to navigate through the menus.
  3. Use the arrow keys to navigate through menu items.
  4. Press Enter to select menu items.