Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.1.1 Release Notes
Release and General Information
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Release and General Information

Release and General Information

Cisco Jabber for Windows

System and Network Requirements

For information regarding system and network requirements, see the System and Network Requirements chapter of the Cisco Jabber for Windows Installation and Configuration Guide.

Community Resources

Cisco provides different community resources where you can engage with support representatives or join other community members in product discussions.

Cisco product conversation and sharing site

Join other community members in discussing features, functions, licensing, integration, architecture, challenges, and more. Share useful product resources and best practices.


Cisco support community

Visit the Cisco support community for IT installation, implementation, and administrative questions.


Cisco support and downloads

Find a wealth of product support resources, download application software, and find bugs based on product and version.


Cisco expert corner

Engage, collaborate, create, and share with Cisco experts. The Cisco expert corner is a collection of resources that various experts contribute to the community, including videos, blogs, documents, and webcasts.


New in this Release

Find out what's new in the latest release of Cisco Jabber for Windows.

New Configuration Parameters

Cisco Jabber for Windows provides the following parameters you can specify in a configuration file:

Lets you map an attribute in your directory to populate the city field in the user address. The value of the attribute that you map to this parameter displays as part of the address in the user profile.

You can specify an appropriate attribute in your directory or specify no_value to exclude the city field from the address in the user profile. The default value is l.


Specifies the minimum number of characters in a contact name needed to query the directory. For example, if you set 2 as the value of this parameter, directory lookups occur when users enter at least two characters in the search field. The default value is 3.

See the Configure On-Premises Deployments chapter of the Cisco Jabber for Windows Installation and Configuration Guide for more information.