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Search for Cisco Jabber for Windows Bugs

Bug Classification

Known defects, or bugs, have a severity level that indicates the priority of the defect. Development managers usually define bug severity. Severity helps the Cisco Jabber for Windows product team focus on bug fixes for future releases and prioritize fixes.

The following table describes bug severity levels:
Severity level Description
1 Catastrophic Reasonably common circumstances cause the entire system to fail, or a major subsystem to stop working, or other devices on the network to be disrupted. No workarounds exist.
2 Severe Important functions are unusable and workarounds do not exist. Other functions and the rest of the network is operating normally.
3 Moderate Failures occur in unusual circumstances, or minor features do not work at all, or other failures occur but low-impact workarounds exist.

This is the highest level for documentation bugs.

4 Minor Failures occur under very unusual circumstances, but operation essentially recovers without intervention. Users do not need to install any workarounds and performance impact is tolerable.
5 Cosmetic Defects do not cause any detrimental effect on system functionality.
6 Enhancement Requests for new functionality or feature improvements.

Bug Toolkit

You can search for bugs and issues with the Cisco Software Bug Toolkit. To access the bug toolkit, you need the following:
  • Internet connection and Web browser
  • user ID and password

Access the Bug Toolkit

To access the Cisco Software Bug Toolkit, do the following:
  1. Go to http:/​/​​Support/​BugToolKit/​
  2. Sign in with your user ID and password.
  3. Do one of the following to search for a bug:
    • Enter a bug ID in the Search for Bug ID field and select Go.
    • Specify search parameters in the appropriate fields and select Search.
For more information about how to search for bugs, create saved searches, and create bug groups, select Help in the top right of the Bug Toolkit page.

Open in this Release

Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCud32913 Contacts 3 Jabber not failing over to secondary LDAP when primary is not reachable
CSCud09643 Telephony 3 One way video issue after Jabber transfer a hard phone to another Jabber

Fixed in this Release

Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCuc81564 Click2x 4 Unstable behaviour in win Jabber caused by jabber-outlook integration
CSCuc81711 Click2x 3 Went offline, I signed out and in and it crashed
CSCuc85775 Contacts 3 Jabber: Removal User with special characters in Name is not possible.
CSCud07202 Contacts 4 'City' field in AD does not appear in Jabber Contact Address
CSCud14629 Contacts 4 AD 'City' attribute not configurable
CSCua77979 Contacts 6 Jabber for Win: Can't search AD directory with less than 3 characters
CSCuc81815 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 Not able to log in after upgrading to 9.1 and then rebooting.
CSCud09536 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 SSO Login Fails when SAML Response contains CDATA field in BoshURL
CSCuc64248 Instant Messaging and Presence 4 JPN: Jabber for Win: Context menu of IM message is not localized
CSCuc81946 Instant Messaging and Presence 3 User cannot set 'in a meeting' status option on CUP with exchange integ.
CSCuc82065 Instant Messaging and Presence 4 Rightclick links in IM window launches browser
CSCuc62366 Meetings 3 ALL-LANG: Jabber for Win: Job title is arble on Share Desktop Invitation
CSCuc55931 Meetings 2 Jabber 9.0.4 for Windows XP does not show the meeting tab/icon
CSCuc98827 Meetings 2 Login to Webex meeting account fails if password has special characters
CSCuc51526 Meetings 3 Adding users with email addr for IM addr instead of the userid@cupdomain
CSCud24308 Meetings 3 Can't start meeting after session ticket is expired
CSCuc85744 Meetings 6 Jabber: Incorrect week days in Calendar
CSCud10249 Meetings 3 Errors in win Jabber meetings tab
CSCud36484 Meetings 3 Jabber and Outlook Calendar inconsistencies
CSCuc64289 Options 4 ALL-LANG: Jabber for Win: Call settings icon is not displayed
CSCuc64656 Options 3 JPN: Jabber for Win: Japanese name is garbled on call forward settings
CSCuc85746 Options 3 Jabber: "Ringer/Alerts" truncated from the bottom on several languages
CSCuc85751 Options 3 Jabber: "Advanced privacy" truncated from the bottom on few languages
CSCuc85763 Options 4 Jabber: Buttons in Video options should be extended
CSCuc85765 Options 4 HUN: Jabber: Wrong position of dropdown in Status window in Hungarian
CSCuc76514 Telephony 3 Graceful Reg not working first time around on Webex
CSCud16494 Telephony 3 Jabber for Windows unable to control EM after EM logout/login
CSCuc67517 Telephony 3 Jabber cannot do desktop share with EX90 registered to VCS
CSCuc89064 Telephony 2 Jabber crashes when popping out window while on managed transfer
CSCuc96374 Telephony 2 Jabber crashes when BYE sent from a participant not yet merged
CSCuc98657 Telephony 2 Jabber crash on transfer of 2nd active call 1st call on hold
CSCud12091 Telephony 3 Conference doesn't disappear from UI when invalid # is called
CSCuc76795 Telephony 3 Intermittently cannot complete transfer in DeskPhone mode
CSCuc98376 Telephony 3 MediaNet installed & not running - 7sec delay from ringout->connected
CSCud07830 Telephony 3 Jabber for windows 9.1 desktop share not terminating properly
CSCuc81936 Voicemail 3 No option to call back on Voivemail left from external number

Fixed in Previous Releases


Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCub84963 Contacts 2 Jabber for Windows crashes ExpireCache timeout
CSCtz55108 Contacts 3 Cannot chat with contacts when CCM Ldap mapping is set to mail
CSCua93413 Contacts 3 Jabber for Windows - EDI - Simple BIND not working/possible
CSCub13518 Contacts 3 Jabber for Windows crashes on startup (LibCURL)
CSCub82322 Contacts 3 Jabber for Windows unable to search last names with 2+ words
CSCtz54972 Instant messaging and presence 3 custom presence status is garbled - only for CUP
CSCuc13163 Instant messaging and presence 3 Istyping notification not working when using UPN or mail as userid
CSCtz75574 Localization 3 Malformed Text in Outlook 2010, Jabber for Windows, Hebrew
CSCtz91036 Localization 3 Turkish localisation issue: "Forward Calls to" and none are incorrect
CSCub41052 Media engine 3 WASAPI FillDeviceTable() crashes application
CSCub94875 Meetings 3 TSP - Cannot create conferences with a third-party TSP
CSCtz64084 Options 3 Phone\VM Credentials deleted after 2nd Jabber restart w/ SSO enabled
CSCtz88279 Options 3 Default volume for ringer is too high
CSCub56039 Options 3 Options not saved if contact list has a group with special characters
CSCub73347 Telephony 1 Dial voicemail, when connected, audio is distorted or no audio
CSCtz28952 Telephony 3 Jabber not handling Failover scenario as expected after network failover
CSCua41562 Telephony 3 Cannot call forward in DP mode when phone has different DNs
CSCua55481 Telephony 3 Jabber for Windows Conversation Window Stuck after Dial Invalid Number
CSCua68239 Telephony 3 Cannot switch to softphone mode after user logs out from Ext. mobility
CSCua68464 Telephony 3 Jabber for Windows unable to control Extension Mobility phone
CSCub53669 Telephony 3 Jabber for Windows crashes
CSCub87738 Telephony 3 Jabber for windows is crashing during startup
CSCub96982 Telephony 3 Jabber for Windows is unable to connect to backup CTI Manager server
CSCuc11504 Telephony 3 Jabber for Windows 9.0.4: Can't share desktop from IM window
CSCub23876 Voicemail 2 Continuous spinning circle on Voicemail Options tab and High CPU usage
CSCua99436 Voicemail 3 Jabber for Windows crashes after voicemail credentials entered