Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.0.5 Release Notes
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Bug Classification

Known defects, or bugs, have a severity level that indicates the priority of the defect. Development managers usually define bug severity. Severity helps the Cisco Jabber for Windows product team focus on bug fixes for future releases and prioritize fixes.

The following table describes bug severity levels:
Severity level Description
1 Catastrophic Reasonably common circumstances cause the entire system to fail, or a major subsystem to stop working, or other devices on the network to be disrupted. No workarounds exist.
2 Severe Important functions are unusable and workarounds do not exist. Other functions and the rest of the network is operating normally.
3 Moderate Failures occur in unusual circumstances, or minor features do not work at all, or other failures occur but low-impact workarounds exist.

This is the highest level for documentation bugs.

4 Minor Failures occur under very unusual circumstances, but operation essentially recovers without intervention. Users do not need to install any workarounds and performance impact is tolerable.
5 Cosmetic Defects do not cause any detrimental effect on system functionality.
6 Enhancement Requests for new functionality or feature improvements.

Bug Toolkit

You can search for bugs and issues with the Cisco Software Bug Toolkit. To access the bug toolkit, you need the following:
  • Internet connection and Web browser
  • user ID and password

Access the Bug Toolkit

To access the Cisco Software Bug Toolkit, do the following:
  1. Go to http:/​/​​Support/​BugToolKit/​
  2. Sign in with your user ID and password.
  3. Do one of the following to search for a bug:
    • Enter a bug ID in the Search for Bug ID field and select Go.
    • Specify search parameters in the appropriate fields and select Search.
For more information about how to search for bugs, create saved searches, and create bug groups, select Help in the top right of the Bug Toolkit page.

Open Caveats

There are no new caveats opened in this release.

Fixed in this Release

Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCub21449 Instant messaging and presence 3 Cisco Jabber Unable to Receive Message from External Contact from CUPS
CSCub22906 Instant messaging and presence 2 Jabber for Windows 9.0.2 Polish locale short cut key issue
CSCub60423 Instant messaging and presence 3 Copy from a p2p or groupchat, client hung and then crashed
CSCua38789 Docs 6 Jabber for Windows - displaying photos from LDAP
CSCub16505 Docs 6 Remove reference of Openldap servers from Jabber for windows admin guide
CSCua76194 Telephony 3 Jabber call window remains active when call is declined or RNA
CSCua91481 Telephony 6 J4W Should show phone number until phone type gets resolved
CSCua61751 Contacts 6 GIF format is not supported for Contact Photos
CSCtz26068 Contacts 3 Duplicate contact with no presence can be created
CSCub12965 Hub 2 No phone control - Network Monitor - Cannot get local IP Address

Fixed in Previous Releases


Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCtz28596 Telephony 3 Camera light turns on when Video_Disabled is set to TRUE
CSCua55284 Telephony 6 Select a Deskphone, cant differentiate between phones of same type
CSCua60795 Telephony 5 Dialpad in RTL Languages has numbers flipped horizontally
CSCua99227 Telephony 3 Jabber for Windows requiring CTI Gateway Profile for Soft Phone Control
CSCua55352 Telephony 2 Crash docking/undocking
CSCtz42069 IM-Presence 3 Jabber for Windows creates Error code: CJ:1000:1
CSCua16550 Options 6 UDS set as default CUP deployment type
CSCua39052 Contacts 3 Search filter does not apply to directory search
CSCua50069 Contacts 3 Contact search does not work in child domain
CSCua73718 Contacts 6 More EDI debug information required in the Jabber logs
CSCub01997 Contacts 5 Jabber for Windows - Dialing with space triggers search instead of call
CSCua22169 Contacts 3 Jabber directory search does not match using special characters on UDS


Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCtz28715 Telephony 2 Video interop issue with 99xx phone, CTS, CUVA and Virtualised CUPC
CSCtz29088 Telephony 3 Dial pad is displayed behind call toast window on RTL localized Jabber
CSCtz31704 Telephony 3 One way video when calling 9971 deskphone
CSCtz39650 Telephony 3 Non-HD laptop cameras do not transmit video to CTS endpoints
CSCtz54563 Hub 4 JPN: Jabber for Windows: Localized string is truncated on delete contact
CSCtz54923 Telephony 4 JPN: Jabber for Windows: Cursor is not rendered properly on Windows 7
CSCtz54980 Telephony 4 JPN: Jabber for Windows: Truncation: "Enter number or search for conf...
CSCtz70600 Telephony 3 Non-HD laptop cameras do not transmit video to 9900 series phones
CSCua28727 Options 4 In certain scenarios jabber-config.xml may not be downloaded
CSCua66055 Contacts 3 All the photos in my contact list have vanished, including my own


Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCtz75574 Localization 3 Malformed Text in Outlook 2010, Jabber for Windows, Hebrew
CSCtz84309 Media engine 3 Application Version in "show metadata flow local-flow-id " is wrong
CSCtz25963 Click-to-x 3 Jabber crashed after returning from standby and pressing sign-out
CSCtz26184 Contacts 3 My own name not resolved in self presence area - it is set to e-mail
CSCtz28877 Contacts 3 Display name is incorrect (intermittent)
CSCtz55108 Contacts 3 Cannot chat with contacts when CCM Ldap mapping is set to mail
CSCtz94176 Contacts 3 left jabber at the sign in screen, then hibernated at home and resumed
CSCua06808 Telephony 3 Crash when changing phone mode
CSCtz28892 Telephony 3 Video desktop sharing is not displayed on Tandberg devices with firmware version 5.1
CSCtz28858 Telephony 3 Loss of phone capabilities if the phone password contains a space character
CSCty19673 Telephony 3 JC Crashed during JC-WIN7 to JC-WINXP call
CSCtz93589 Telephony 3 Green Join button didnt appear when I tried to join someone to the conf
CSCua06796 Telephony 3 Crash when answer a call at the same time as the initiator is hanging up
CSCtz64084 Options 3 Phone\VM Credentials deleted after 2nd Jabber restart w/ SSO enabled
CSCtz75257 Options 2 Jabber Desktop Share is not being tagged with metadata attributes
CSCtz28846 Instant messaging and presence 3 Change Password menu item should not be shown if SSO is enabled
CSCtz29143 Instant messaging and presence 3 Cloud SSO: Cannot login if SSL Mixed Content allowed without warning in
CSCtz59108 Instant messaging and presence 3 Crash when typing a chat message and pressed the backspace
CSCtz28585 Hub 3 file is created but empty due to UAC restrictions
CSCtz26417 Hub 3 Accessible presence breaks programatic string translation